Meaning of SORT in English


n. & v.


1. a group of things etc. with common attributes; a class or kind.

2 (foll. by of) roughly of the kind specified (is some sort of doctor).

3 colloq. a person of a specified character or kind (a good sort).

4 Printing a letter or piece in a fount of type.

5 Computing the arrangement of data in a prescribed sequence.

6 archaic a manner or way. (often foll. by out, over) arrange systematically or according to type, class, etc.

Phrases and idioms:

after a sort after a fashion. in some sort to a certain extent. of a sort (or of sorts) colloq. not fully deserving the name (a holiday of sorts). out of sorts 1 slightly unwell.

2 in low spirits; irritable. sort of colloq. as it were; to some extent (I sort of expected it). sort out 1 separate into sorts.

2 select (things of one or more sorts) from a miscellaneous group.

3 disentangle or put into order.

4 resolve (a problem or difficulty).

5 colloq. deal with or reprimand (a person).


sortable adj. sorter n. sorting n.

Etymology: ME f. OF sorte ult. f. L sors sortis lot, condition

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