Meaning of SORT in English


n. 1 kind, variety, type, class, classification, group, category, brand, make, mark, stamp, description, mould, stripe, ilk, feather, kidney, character, nature; manner, species A 1928 Alfa-Romeo coupé is not exactly the right sort of car for a family Lewis is a person of a different sort. What sort of person is he? 2 kind, type, manner This sort of behaviour must stop 3 species, genus, family, phylum, subgenus, subspecies, race, breed, strain, stock, kind, variety, type Aberdeen Angus is a better sort of beef for steaks 4 person, individual, lot; thing He is not really such a bad sort 5 of sorts. of a sort, of a mediocre or passable or admissible or not (too) bad or fair or sufficiently good or adequate or undistinguished or indifferent kind or quality or proficiency Yes, one might say that he is a violinist of sorts 6 out of sorts. not oneself, not up to snuff, unwell, ailing, indisposed, (slightly) ill, low, Colloq off one's feed, under the weather He is out of sorts after last night's revelries 7 sort of. See somewhat, above.

v. 8 assort, classify, file, order, rank, grade, class, categorize, separate, divide, combine, merge, arrange, organize, systemize, systematize, catalogue, group, sort out Sort these names into alphabetical order 9 describe, characterize, categorize, cast, throw, combine, mould, type I did not enjoy being sorted together with thieves and murderers 10 sort out. a organize, set or put straight, straighten out, resolve, tidy (up), clarify, clear up, solve; decide Someone will have to sort out how we are to proceed b choose, select, separate, divide Sort out all the books that you want to keep from those to be donated to the library

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