Meaning of BOLT in English


n., v., & adv.

n. 1 a sliding bar and socket used to fasten or lock a door, gate, etc. 2 a large usu. metal pin with a head, usu. riveted or used with a nut, to hold things together. 3 a discharge of lightning. 4 an act of bolting (cf. sense 4 of v.); a sudden escape or dash for freedom. 5 hist. an arrow for shooting from a crossbow. 6 a roll of fabric (orig. as a measure).

v. 1 tr. fasten or lock with a bolt. 2 tr. (foll. by in, out) keep (a person etc.) from leaving or entering by bolting a door. 3 tr. fasten together with bolts. 4 intr. a dash suddenly away, esp. to escape. b (of a horse) suddenly gallop out of control. 5 tr. gulp down (food) unchewed; eat hurriedly. 6 intr. (of a plant) run to seed.

adv. (usu. in bolt upright) rigidly, stiffly. a bolt from the blue a complete surprise. bolt-hole 1 a means of escape. 2 a secret refuge. shoot one's bolt do all that is in one's power. bolter n. (in sense 4 of v.).

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