Meaning of BOLT in English


/ bəʊlt; NAmE boʊlt/ noun , verb , adverb

■ noun


a long, narrow piece of metal that you slide across the inside of a door or window in order to lock it


a piece of metal like a screw without a point which is used with a circle of metal (= a nut ) to fasten things together :

nuts and bolts


bolt of lightning a sudden flash of lightning in the sky, appearing as a line


a short heavy arrow shot from a crossbow


a long piece of cloth wound in a roll around a piece of cardboard


- a bolt from the blue

- make a bolt for sth | make a bolt for it

—more at nut noun , shot verb

■ verb


to fasten sth such as a door or window by sliding a bolt across; to be able to be fastened in this way :

[ vn ]

Don't forget to bolt the door.

[ v ]

The gate bolts on the inside.


[ vn ] bolt A to B | bolt A and B together to fasten things together with a bolt :

The vice is bolted to the workbench.

The various parts of the car are then bolted together.


[ v ] if an animal, especially a horse, bolts , it suddenly runs away because it is frightened


[ v , usually + adv. / prep. ] ( of a person ) to run away, especially in order to escape :

When he saw the police arrive, he bolted down an alley.


[ vn ] bolt sth (down) to eat sth very quickly :

Don't bolt your food!


( NAmE ) to stop supporting a particular group or political party :

[ vn ]

Many Democrats bolted the party to vote Republican.

[also v ]


[ v ] ( of a plant, especially a vegetable ) to grow too quickly and start producing seeds and so become less good to eat


see stable door noun

■ adverb


- sit / stand bolt upright



noun senses 1 to 4 and verb senses 1 to 2 Old English , arrow , of unknown origin; related to Dutch bout and German Bolzen arrow, bolt for a door.

verb senses 3 to 7 Middle English : from the other verb senses of bolt , expressing the sense fly like an arrow .

noun sense 5 Middle English : transferred use of bolt metal pin .

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