Meaning of BOLT in English

n. 1 arrow, dart, projectile, missile, Historical quarrel He had only three bolts remaining for the crossbow 2 pin, bar, rod, catch; latch We hoped that the bolt would prevent their opening the door 3 machine screw Bolts can be tightened or removed, unlike rivets 4 roll, length We sell only full bolts of fabric 5 lightning flash, thunderbolt, Formal fulguration One bolt travelled down the television aerial and blew out the set 6 bolt from or out of the blue. surprise, shock, bombshell, bomb, blow, revelation, eye-opener, Colloq shocker The news of her resignation came like a bolt from the blue 7 shoot one's bolt. exhaust or use up one's resources, Slang burn out, US poop out He was fast early in the marathon, but he'd shot his bolt long before the finishing line

v. 8 spring, dart, shoot off, take flight, run (away or off), rush (off or away), break away, flee, decamp, abscond, escape, fly, dash (off or away), Colloq skedaddle, scram, Brit scarper, do a bunk, do a moonlight flit, US take a (run-out) powder, The youths bolted as soon as they saw the police The couple in room 315 bolted without paying their bill. 9 gulp (down), swallow whole When the bell rang, she bolted her breakfast and ran out of the back door 10 fasten, lock, latch, secure Make sure you bolt your door at night and don't let anyone in 11 fix, attach, fasten, connect, make fast to The motor must be securely bolted to the workbench

adv. 12 bolt upright. erect, straight, rigidly, stiffly When her name was called, Penny sat bolt upright in her chair

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