Meaning of CHANCE in English


n., adj., & v.

n. 1 a a possibility (just a chance we will catch the train). b (often in pl.) probability (the chances are against it). 2 a risk (have to take a chance). 3 a an undesigned occurrence (just a chance that they met). b the absence of design or discoverable cause (here merely because of chance). 4 an opportunity (didn't have a chance to speak to him). 5 the way things happen; fortune; luck (we'll just leave it to chance). 6 (often Chance) the course of events regarded as a power; fate (blind Chance rules the universe). 7 Cricket an opportunity for dismissing a batsman.

adj. fortuitous, accidental (a chance meeting).

v. 1 tr. colloq. risk (we'll chance it and go). 2 intr. (often foll. by that + clause, or to + infin.) happen without intention (it chanced that I found it; I chanced to find it). by any chance as it happens; perhaps. by chance without design; unintentionally. chance one's arm make an attempt though unlikely to succeed. chance on (or upon) happen to find, meet, etc. game of chance a game decided by luck, not skill. the off chance the slight possibility. on the chance (often foll. by of, or that + clause) in view of the possibility. stand a chance have a prospect of success etc. take a chance (or chances) behave riskily; risk failure. take a (or one's) chance on (or with) consent to take the consequences of; trust to luck.

[ ME f. AF ch(e)aunce, OF ch‰ance ch‰oir fall ult. f. L cadere ]

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