Meaning of CHANCE in English


n. 1 fortune, luck, fate We met, as chance would have it, at the supermarket Life is but a game of chance for those who cannot control their destiny. 2 opportunity, time, turn; occasion You have had your chance to return the money, now it is too late 3 Also, chances. likelihood, probability, prospect, odds, certainty, predictability; conceivability, possibility Chances are that he'll be late The chance of winning the lottery is pretty remote. 4 Also, chances. risk, speculation, gamble You are taking a chance going out there without a weapon I'll take my chances. 5 by chance. a accidentally, unintentionally, inadvertently By chance the witness saw him talking to the suspect b perhaps, maybe, possibly, conceivably Have you by chance a match?

adj. 6 casual, incidental, accidental, unintentional, inadvertent; unplanned, unpremeditated, unexpected, unforeseen; unlooked-for The affair began with a chance meeting at a pub

v. 7 happen; occur, come to pass, take place, come about; befall, betide We chanced to see him jogging in the park It chanced that a passer-by called the police. 8 risk, hazard; imperil, endanger, jeopardize, stake, bet, wager Few would chance severe penalties or jail by lying on a tax return Don't chance everything you've worked for!

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