Meaning of CLEAR in English


adj., adv., & v.

adj. 1 free from dirt or contamination. 2 (of weather, the sky, etc.) not dull or cloudy. 3 a transparent. b lustrous, shining; free from obscurity. 4 (of soup) not containing solid ingredients. 5 (of a fire) burning with little smoke. 6 a distinct, easily perceived by the senses. b unambiguous, easily understood (make a thing clear; make oneself clear). c manifest; not confused or doubtful (clear evidence). 7 that discerns or is able to discern readily and accurately (clear thinking; clear-sighted). 8 (usu. foll. by about, on, or that + clause) confident, convinced, certain. 9 (of a conscience) free from guilt. 10 (of a road etc.) unobstructed, open. 11 a net, without deduction (a clear $1000). b complete (three clear days). 12 (often foll. by of) free, unhampered; unencumbered by debt, commitments, etc. 13 (foll. by of) not obstructed by.

adv. 1 clearly (speak loud and clear). 2 completely (he got clear away). 3 apart, out of contact (keep clear; stand clear of the doors). 4 (foll. by to) US all the way.

v. 1 tr. & intr. make or become clear. 2 a tr. (often foll. by of) free from prohibition or obstruction. b tr. & intr. make or become empty or unobstructed. c tr. free (land) for cultivation or building by cutting down trees etc. d tr. cause people to leave (a room etc.). 3 tr. (often foll. by of) show or declare (a person) to be innocent (cleared them of complicity). 4 tr. approve (a person) for special duty, access to information, etc. 5 tr. pass over or by safely or without touching, esp. by jumping. 6 tr. make (an amount of money) as a net gain or to balance expenses. 7 tr. pass (a cheque) through a clearing-house. 8 tr. pass through (a customs office etc.). 9 tr. remove (an obstruction, an unwanted object, etc.) (clear them out of the way). 10 tr. (also absol.) Football send (the ball) out of one's defensive zone. 11 intr. (often foll. by away, up) (of physical phenomena) disappear, gradually diminish (mist cleared by lunchtime; my cold has cleared up). 12 tr. (often foll. by off) discharge (a debt). clear the air 1 make the air less sultry. 2 disperse an atmosphere of suspicion, tension, etc. clear away 1 remove completely. 2 remove the remains of a meal from the table. clear-cut sharply defined. clear the decks prepare for action, esp. fighting. clear off 1 get rid of. 2 colloq. go away. clear out 1 empty. 2 remove. 3 colloq. go away. clear one's throat cough slightly to make one's voice clear. clear up 1 tidy up. 2 solve (a mystery etc.). 3 (of weather) become fine. clear the way 1 remove obstacles. 2 stand aside. clear a thing with get approval or authorization for a thing from (a person). in clear not in cipher or code. in the clear free from suspicion or difficulty. out of a clear sky as a complete surprise. clearable adj. clearer n. clearly adv. clearness n.

[ ME f. OF cler f. L clarus ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.