Meaning of CLEAR in English


adj. 1 unclouded, cloudless, sunny, fair, sunlit, fine On a clear day, you can see the lighthouse several miles away 2 transparent, limpid, crystalline; translucent, uncloudy, unclouded, pellucid The water was clear enough to see the bottom 3 bright, lustrous, shining, shiny, sparkling, Formal nitid We painted the bathroom a lovely clear blue 4 bright, fresh, unblemished, unscarred She has a lovely clear complexion 5 distinct, sharp, well-defined, definite; legible, readable; acute, vivid The notes were written in a large clear hand 6 understandable, intelligible, perspicuous, lucid, comprehensible, apprehensible, discernible, plain, obvious, unambiguous, unequivocal, explicit, definite, unmistakable, indisputable, undisputed, unquestionable, incontrovertible He has made himself very clear on that point 7 distinct, unclouded, unconfused, explicit, plain, definite, clear-cut, palpable I have a clear recollection of her words 8 evident, plain, obvious, patent, manifest, apparent It became clear that someone was trying to compromise her 9 perceptive, acute, sensitive, perspicacious, discerning, keen It was only his clear vision of the situation that saved us all 10 certain, sure, convinced, confident, positive, determined, definite, assured I am not clear that the subject was a good one 11 pure, unwavering, well-defined, distinct, clarion, bell-like We heard father's clear voice calling from below 12 pure, guileless, unsophisticated, innocent, blameless, faultless; not guilty I still cannot look her in the eye with a clear conscience 13 unencumbered, free, net In our first year we made a clear profit of 25 per cent 14 unlimited, unqualified, unquestioned, unquestionable, absolute, complete, entire; pure, sheer, perfect You must allow three clear days for the ascent 15 disengaged, disentangled, unentangled, free, freed, rid, quit, loose, unencumbered, released When the line is clear of any obstruction, hoist sail and let's be off 16 open, unencumbered, free, unblocked, unobstructed, unimpeded, direct There is a clear view of the park from here

adv. 17 brightly, effulgently, radiantly, luminously, lambently The stars were shining clear in the night sky 18 distinctly, clearly, starkly, perceptibly, discernibly, understandably, prominently When you see the reef, sing out loud and clear 19 completely, utterly, entirely, cleanly, clean, wholly, totally The thief got clear away in the confusion

v. 20 clarify, cleanse, clean, purify The chemical soon cleared the water of all sediment 21 exonerate, absolve, acquit; excuse, forgive He has been cleared of all charges and released 22 Also, clear up. explain, elucidate, explicate, clarify, make plain or clear, disambiguate We should be able to clear up the mystery by this evening 23 Also, clear up. become fair or cloudless or sunny I hope the weather clears in time for the game 24 open (up), free; unblock, unclog, unstop; disencumber, dislodge We were able to clear a path through the jungle He cleared his throat and began to speak. 25 empty Clear the land of trees before farming it 26 Also, clear away or out. remove, eliminate, take; cut away or down Clear those branches from the paths 27 disburden, unburden, purge, free, rid He has cleared his conscience of any responsibility in the matter 28 leap or jump over, vault She cleared the fence easily 29 Also, clear up. settle, discharge, pay, square, defray, satisfy The company has cleared all its debts 30 clear off or out. leave, depart, decamp, go or run off, get out, withdraw, Slang beat it, scram, Taboo Brit sod off, Chiefly Australian shoot through, US and Canadian take a (run-out) powder I told them to clear off and stop bothering me 31 clear up. a eliminate, remove, settle; clarify I hope we can clear up any misunderstanding between us b tidy (up), neaten (up), put or set in order, clear I'll clear up after dinner

n. 32 in the clear. innocent, not guilty; exonerated, forgiven, absolved; unburdened, disburdened, unencumbered, free The other chap confessed, leaving me in the clear

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