Meaning of MEASURE in English

n. & v.

n. 1 a size or quantity found by measuring. 2 a system of measuring (liquid measure; linear measure). 3 a rod or tape etc. for measuring. 4 a vessel of standard capacity for transferring or determining fixed quantities of liquids etc. (a pint measure). 5 a the degree, extent, or amount of a thing. b (foll. by of) some degree of (there was a measure of wit in her remark). 6 a unit of capacity, e.g. a bushel (20 measures of wheat). 7 a factor by which a person or thing is reckoned or evaluated (their success is a measure of their determination). 8 (usu. in pl.) suitable action to achieve some end (took measures to ensure a good profit). 9 a legislative enactment. 10 a quantity contained in another an exact number of times. 11 a prescribed extent or quantity. 12 Printing the width of a page or column of type. 13 a poetical rhythm; metre. b a metrical group of a dactyl or two iambuses, trochees, spondees, etc. 14 US Mus. a bar or the time-content of a bar. 15 archaic a dance. 16 a mineral stratum (coal measures).

v. 1 tr. ascertain the extent or quantity of (a thing) by comparison with a fixed unit or with an object of known size. 2 intr. be of a specified size (it measures six inches). 3 tr. ascertain the size and proportion of (a person) for clothes. 4 tr. estimate (a quality, person's character, etc.) by some standard or rule. 5 tr. (often foll. by off) mark (a line etc. of a given length). 6 tr. (foll. by out) deal or distribute (a thing) in measured quantities. 7 tr. (foll. by with, against) bring (oneself or one's strength etc.) into competition with. 8 tr. poet. traverse (a distance). beyond measure excessively. for good measure as something beyond the minimum; as a finishing touch. in a (or some) measure partly. made to measure Brit. (of clothes) made from measurements taken. measure up 1 a determine the size etc. of by measurement. b take comprehensive measurements. 2 (often foll. by to) have the necessary qualifications (for). measuring-jug (or -cup) a jug or cup marked to measure its contents. measuring-tape a tape marked to measure length. measuring-worm the caterpillar of the geometer moth.

[ ME f. OF mesure f. L mensura f. metiri mens- measure ]

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