Meaning of MEASURE in English

n. 1 amount, quantity, magnitude, amplitude, size, bulk, mass, extent, reach, dimension, scope, proportions, range, spread; capacity, volume; width, length, breadth, height; weight It is difficult to calculate the measure of an irregularly shaped object 2 scale, gauge or technical gage, yardstick, rule, US litmus test I cannot determine the length without a proper measure 3 system, standard, criterion, rule, method; barometer, Richter scale The measure by which ice-cream is sold ought to be weight, not volume What sort of measure do you apply when judging character? 4 assessment, evaluation, valuation, appraisal, value, gauge or gage, rank, rating, measurement, stamp, estimation It is not easy to get the measure of a man who wants to marry your daughter 5 quota, allotment, ration, share, amount, degree, proportion, quantity, allowance; portion, part He was accorded a measure of freedom in choosing the method for getting the job done She has had her measure of praise. 6 Often, measures. step(s), procedure, proceeding, action, course (of action), plan, method, means, avenue, tactic(s), way, direction, approach, technique They took measures to ensure that it never happens again 7 bill, resolution, legislation, act, statute, law; plan, proposal A measure to change the speed limit is before the council 8 bound, limit, end, extreme, extent, limitation, moderation, control, constraint, restraint Drug trafficking has gone beyond all measure in some countries 9 beat, rhythm, cadence, metre, time; melody, tune, bar, theme, motif The ambassador entered, and the band played in stately measures 10 for good measure. to boot, in addition, additionally, as a dividend, into the bargain, besides, as or for a bonus, moreover, furthermore The job includes a company car and, for good measure, free medical insurance

v. 11 rank, rate, gauge or gage, meter, weigh, calculate, reckon, compute, calibrate, determine, ascertain, figure out or up, assess, appraise, estimate, evaluate, judge, value; survey, find out We must measure the effect of the new safety regulations on our equipment budget Public acceptance of the new product may be difficult to measure. 12 proportion, pace, adapt, gauge, relate, tailor, fit, adjust, regulate, control Teachers should measure homework assignments according to pupils' available time Measure your words when speaking to young children. 13 measure off or out. mark off or out, limit, delimit, fix, pace off or out, lay off Now measure off exactly 122 5 metres due north. 14 measure out. mete out, dole out, ration (out), parcel out, apportion, allot, share out, assign, allocate; give out, deal out, distribute, issue, pass out, hand out, dispense, disperse, spread around or about The relief workers measured out food and water to the victims of the famine 15 measure up (to). a meet, equal, fulfil, match, reach, attain The first eleven have not measured up to their coach's expectations Will they ever measure up? b qualify (for), be suitable (for), be equal to, be fit or fitted for, be adequate (to), be up to, Colloq make the grade, come up to scratch, be up to snuff, US cut the mustard If Clive gets the assignment, are you sure that he'll measure up? No one else measures up to the job

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