Meaning of MEASURE in English

n. 25B6; verb

they measured the length of the room : CALCULATE, compute, count, meter, quantify, weigh, size, evaluate, assess, gauge, plumb, determine.

I had better measure my words : CHOOSE CAREFULLY, consider, plan.

she did not need to measure herself against some ideal : COMPARE WITH, pit against, set against, test against, judge by.

25B6; noun

cost-cutting measures : ACTION, act, course (of action), deed, proceeding, procedure, step, means, expedient; manoeuvre, initiative, programme, operation.

the Senate passed the measure : STATUTE, act, bill, law, legislation.

the original dimensions were in imperial measure : SYSTEM, standard, units, scale.

use a measure to check the size : RULER, tape measure, rule, gauge, meter, scale, level, yardstick.

a measure of egg white : QUANTITY, amount, portion.

the states retain a measure of independence : CERTAIN AMOUNT, degree; some.

sales are the measure of the company's success : YARDSTICK, test, standard, barometer, touchstone, litmus test, criterion, benchmark.

poetic measure : METRE, cadence, rhythm; foot.

25A0; beyond measure IMMENSELY, extremely, vastly, greatly, excessively, immeasurably, incalculably, infinitely.

25A0; for good measure AS A BONUS, as an extra, into the bargain, to boot, in addition, besides, as well.

25A0; get/have the measure of EVALUATE, assess, gauge, judge, weigh up; understand, fathom, read, be wise to, see through; informal have someone's number.

25A0; measure something off MARK OFF, measure out, demarcate, delimit, delineate, outline, describe, define, stake out.

25A0; measure up PASS MUSTER, match up, come up to standard, fit/fill the bill, be acceptable; informal come up to scratch, make the grade, cut the mustard, be up to snuff.

25A0; measure someone up EVALUATE, rate, assess, appraise, judge, weigh up; informal size up.

25A0; measure up to MEET, come up to, equal, match, bear comparison with, be on a level with; achieve, satisfy, fulfil.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.