Meaning of SIGHT in English


n. & v.

n. 1 a the faculty of seeing with the eyes (lost his sight). b the act or an instance of seeing; the state of being seen. 2 a thing seen; a display, show, or spectacle (not a pretty sight; a beautiful sight). 3 a way of looking at or considering a thing (in my sight he can do no wrong). 4 a range of space within which a person etc. can see or an object be seen (he's out of sight; they are just coming into sight). 5 (usu. in pl.) noteworthy features of a town, area, etc. (went to see the sights). 6 a a device on a gun or optical instrument used for assisting the precise aim or observation. b the aim or observation so gained (got a sight of him). 7 colloq. a person or thing having a ridiculous, repulsive, or dishevelled appearance (looked a perfect sight). 8 colloq. a great quantity (will cost a sight of money; is a sight better than he was). 1 get sight of, esp. by approaching (they sighted land). 2 observe the presence of (esp. aircraft, animals, etc.) (sighted buffalo). 3 take observations of (a star etc.) with an instrument. 4 a provide (a gun, quadrant, etc.) with sights. b adjust the sight of (a gun etc.). c aim (a gun etc.) with sights. at first sight on first glimpse or impression. at (or on) sight as soon as a person or a thing has been seen (plays music at sight; liked him on sight). catch (or lose) sight of begin (or cease) to see or be aware of. get a sight of manage to see; glimpse. have lost sight of no longer know the whereabouts of. in sight 1 visible. 2 near at hand (salvation is in sight). in (or within) sight of so as to see or be seen from. lower one's sights become less ambitious. out of my sight! go at once! out of sight 1 not visible. 2 colloq. excellent; delightful. out of sight out of mind we forget the absent. put out of sight hide, ignore. set one's sights on aim at (set her sights on a directorship). sight for the gods (or sight for sore eyes) a welcome person or thing, esp. a visitor. sight-glass a transparent device for observing the interior of apparatus etc. sighting shot an experimental shot to guide riflemen in adjusting their sights. sight-line a hypothetical line from a person's eye to what is seen. sight-read (past and past part. -read) read and perform (music) at sight. sight-reader a person who sight-reads. sight-screen Cricket a large white screen on wheels placed near the boundary in line with the wicket to help the batsman see the ball. sight-sing sing (music) at sight. sight unseen without previous inspection. sighter n.

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