Meaning of SIGHT in English


n. 1 eyesight, vision, eyes His sight was completely restored by the operation 2 field of view or of vision, range of vision, ken, perception, view, eyeshot, gaze We turned a corner, and at last the welcoming lights of the pub came into sight 3 spectacle, scene, show; rarity, marvel, wonder, phenomenon; pageant I shall never forget the sight of Biffy Harbottle, stark naked, standing on that table in the officers' club We went to Rome to see the sights. 4 mess, disaster, eyesore, monstrosity, Colloq fright, atrocity The flat looked a sight after the boys finally moved out 5 catch sight of. spot, notice, descry, spy, espy, glance at, (catch a) glimpse (of), (get a) look or peep or peek at, Colloq take a gander at, get a look-see at, Slang get a load of, US glom, pipe We caught sight of a sinister-looking person slipping behind a pillar 6 out of sight. a remote, distant, far-away, unseeable, imperceptible, invisible She soon walked out of sight down the road The mortar emplacement is out of sight, over the hill. b unusual, rare, extraordinary, outrageous, imaginative, awe-inspiring, incredible, shocking, unreal, moving, jolting, Colloq neat, cool, Brit brilliant, brill The gig last night was out of sight, man

v. 7 look, view, (take) aim, peer, peek, peep, draw a bead Sight along this stick and you'll see a cluster of stars called the Pleiades 8 spot, see, catch sight of, mark, observe, behold, view, distinguish, discern, identify, note, notice, remark, glimpse, descry, espy, spy A group of bird-watchers have sighted a golden eagle recently in the Grampians

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