Meaning of SNAP in English

v., n., adv., & adj.

v. (snapped, snapping) 1 intr. & tr. break suddenly or with a snap. 2 intr. & tr. emit or cause to emit a sudden sharp sound or crack. 3 intr. & tr. open or close with a snapping sound (the bag snapped shut). 4 a intr. (often foll. by at) speak irritably or spitefully (to a person) (did not mean to snap at you). b tr. say irritably or spitefully. 5 intr. (often foll. by at) (esp. of a dog etc.) make a sudden audible bite. 6 tr. & intr. move quickly (snap into action). 7 tr. take a snapshot of. 8 tr. Amer. Football put (the ball) into play on the ground by a quick backward movement.

n. 1 an act or sound of snapping. 2 a crisp biscuit or cake (brandy snap; ginger snap). 3 a snapshot. 4 (in full cold snap) a sudden brief spell of cold weather. 5 Brit. a a card-game in which players call 'snap' when two similar cards are exposed. b (as int.) on noticing the (often unexpected) similarity of two things. 6 crispness of style; fresh vigour or liveliness in action; zest; dash; spring. 7 US sl. an easy task (it was a snap).

adv. with the sound of a snap (heard it go snap).

adj. done or taken on the spur of the moment, unexpectedly, or without notice (snap decision). snap at accept (bait, a chance, etc.) eagerly (see also senses 4a and 5 of v.). snap bean US a bean grown for its pods which are broken into pieces and eaten. snap-bolt (or -lock) a bolt etc. which locks automatically when a door or window closes. snap-brim (of a hat) with a brim that can be turned up and down at opposite sides. snap-fastener = press-stud (see PRESS(1)). snap one's fingers 1 make an audible fillip, esp. in rhythm to music etc. 2 (often foll. by at) defy; show contempt for. snap-hook (or -link) a hook or link with a spring allowing the entrance but barring the escape of a cord, link, etc. snap off break off or bite off. snap off a person's head address a person angrily or rudely. snap out say irritably. snap out of sl. get rid of (a mood, habit, etc.) by a sudden effort. snapping turtle any large American freshwater turtle of the family Chelydridae which seizes prey with a snap of its jaws. snap up 1 accept (an offer, a bargain) quickly or eagerly. 2 pick up or catch hastily or smartly. 3 interrupt (another person) before he or she has finished speaking. snappable adj. snappingly adv.

[ prob. f. MDu. or MLG snappen, partly imit. ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.