Meaning of SNAP in English

vt a snap beetle.

2. snap ·vt a greedy fellow.

3. snap ·noun to project with a snap.

4. snap ·vi to miss fire; as, the gun snapped.

5. snap ·vt briskness; vigor; energy; decision.

6. snap ·add. ·noun a snap shot with a firearm.

7. snap ·vt a sudden breaking or rupture of any substance.

8. snap ·noun to strike, to hit, or to shut, with a sharp sound.

9. snap ·noun to bite or seize suddenly, especially with the teeth.

10. snap ·add. ·noun a snapshot.

11. snap ·add. ·noun something of no value; as, not worth a snap.

12. snap ·noun to break at once; to break short, as substances that are brittle.

13. snap ·vt any circumstance out of which money may be made or an advantage gained.

14. snap ·vi to utter sharp, harsh, angry words;

— often with at; as, to snap at a child.

15. snap ·vt a sudden severe interval or spell;

— applied to the weather; as, a cold snap.

xvi. snap ·vt a sudden, eager bite; a sudden seizing, or effort to seize, as with the teeth.

xvii. snap ·add. ·vt to catch out sharply (a batsman who has just snicked a bowled ball).

xviii. snap ·noun to break upon suddenly with sharp, angry words; to treat snappishly;

— usually with up.

xix. snap ·vi to break short, or at once; to part asunder suddenly; as, a mast snaps; a needle snaps.

xx. snap ·vt a thin, crisp cake, usually small, and flavored with ginger;

— used chiefly in the plural.

xxi. snap ·noun to crack; to cause to make a sharp, cracking noise; as, to snap a whip.

xxii. snap ·vt a sharp, abrupt sound, as that made by the crack of a whip; as, the snap of the trigger of a gun.

xxiii. snap ·vt a sudden, sharp motion or blow, as with the finger sprung from the thumb, or the thumb from the finger.

xxiv. snap ·vi to give forth, or produce, a sharp, cracking noise; to crack; as, blazing firewood snaps.

xxv. snap ·add. ·vi of the eyes, to emit sudden, brief sparkles like those of a snapping fire, as sometimes in anger.

xxvi. snap ·vt that which is, or may be, snapped up; something bitten off, seized, or obtained by a single quick movement; hence, a bite, morsel, or fragment; a scrap.

xxvii. snap ·vi to make an effort to bite; to aim to seize with the teeth; to catch eagerly (at anything);

— often with at; as, a dog snapsat a passenger; a fish snaps at the bait.

xxviii. snap ·vt a small catch or fastening held or closed by means of a spring, or one which closes with a snapping sound, as the catch of a bracelet, necklace, clasp of a book, ·etc.

xxix. snap ·add. ·adj done, performed, made, executed, carried through, or the like, quickly and without deliberation; as, a snap judgment or decision; a snap political convention.

xxx. snap ·add. ·noun any task, labor, set of circumstances, or the like, that yields satisfactory results or gives pleasure with little trouble or effort, as an easy course of study, a job where work is light, a bargain, ·etc.

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