Meaning of SNAP in English

I. ˈsnap verb

( snapped ; snapped ; snapping ; snaps )

Etymology: Dutch or Low German snappen, from Middle Dutch & Middle Low German, respectively; akin to Middle High German snappen to snap, stumble, sway, chatter, Old Norse snapa to snuffle, snap, and probably to Old High German snabul beak — more at neb

intransitive verb


a. : to make a snap of the jaws : seize something with a snap of the mouth

an ill-conditioned cur that snaps and snarls

— usually used with at

fish snapping at the bait

b. : to grasp at something eagerly : make a pounce or snatch — usually used with at

snapped at the invitation

ready to snap at any chance for improvement

2. : to utter sharp biting words : bark out irritable or peevish retorts — often used with at


a. : to break off or in two often with a short snapping sound : break suddenly (as under strain or tension)

the twig snapped

the taut cable finally snapped

b. : to give way under stress : suddenly yield usually to the cumulative effect of some strain

after three days of battle his nerve snapped


a. : to make a sound that is a snap : give out a sharp or crackling sound or a sudden report or click

the fire snapped and crackled on the hearth

damp clothes snapping on the line

b. of a firearm : to make a sharp sound by the falling of the hammer on an empty chamber or on a round that does not fire ; also : misfire

5. : to move especially abruptly in a particular direction or manner usually in attaining a position of closure

the lid snapped down

her eyes snapped shut

the bolt snaps home with a click

6. : to emit sparks or flashes (as of wit or sarcasm)

the conversation snapped back and forth

also : to appear to scintillate : sparkle

eyes snapping with fury

transitive verb


a. : to seize with or as if with a snap of the jaws : grasp or snatch suddenly or unexpectedly

the dog snapped the meat from the table

the wind snapped the scarf from her hand

b. : to capture or take possession of suddenly : steal by adroitness

ready to snap the very shoes from our feet

2. : to secure (something) to one's own use or possession by prompt decisive action — usually used with up

quick to snap up a bargain

a prize to be snapped up cheaply

snap up his offer


a. : to retort to or interrupt with a snappish, cutting, or crushing remark : speak to curtly and usually irritably

snapped him short with a curt acknowledgement

snapped them a sharp reply

b. : to utter (words) curtly, harshly, or abruptly

snapping out an answer without a moment's hesitation


a. : to break by snapping : break short or in two : break apart or into pieces

the blow snapped the bone

wind snaps many branches from the trees

b. : to harvest (as corn or cotton) by breaking from the stem


a. : to cause to make a snapping sound usually in the course of some action or movement

wind snapping the sheets on the line

: cause to crack

snap a whip

b. : to cause (as a handgun) to discharge by pulling the trigger

c. : to put into or remove from a particular position or state by a sudden movement or with a snapping sound

snap the lock shut

snapped the top from the bottle

d. : to make a snapping sound by moving (fingers) against one another


a. : to project with a snap : fillip

snapped a spitball across the classroom

b. : to make, present, or do without prolonged preparation or delay

snap into a performance or role

especially : to fire (a projectile) without chance for careful aim

snapped a shot at the fleeing bandit


(1) : to catch (a cricket batsman) out sharply (as from a snicked ball) — often used with up

snapped up at the wicket

(2) : to put (a football) in play from a position on the ground with a quick continuous motion of the hands


(1) : to take (a photograph) with a hand-held camera using an instantaneous exposure

(2) : take a snapshot of

snapping the scenery

Synonyms: see break , jerk

- snap off one's head

- snap one's fingers at

- snap out of it

II. noun

( -s )

1. : an abrupt closing (as of the mouth in biting or of scissors in cutting) : the action of one that bites or bites at something : a biting or snatching with the teeth or jaws

the dog took a snap at a flea

a snap of the scissors cut the string


a. obsolete : something snapped up as one's share of profits or booty

b. : a chance to make money easily or quickly ; specifically : an easy remunerative post or position

c. : something (as a task or course of study) that is easy and presents no problems

it will be a snap to win the game

the literature course was a snap for him


a. : a small amount : bit , morsel

cared not a snap for his mother's advice

b. dialect chiefly Britain : a small or hasty meal : snack ; especially : a miner's lunch eaten while on shift


a. : an act or instance of seizing abruptly : a sudden gripping or snatching at something : a quick short brisk movement

a snap of the fingers

b. : a sudden sharp tearing or breaking

felt the snap of the bone parting


a. : a sudden sharp sound made by or as if by snapping something (as together, apart, into place, off)

the snap of a twig

shut the book with a snap

b. : a brief sharp and usually irritable speech or retort

took me up with a snap

6. : fellow , lad

7. : a sudden interval of harsh weather

an unexpected cold snap

— compare spell 3b


a. : a catch or fastening that closes or locks with a click (as one provided with a spring or with parts that fit tightly into each other)

the snap of a bracelet

closed the snaps on the suitcase

b. : a device (as a snap hook or snap fastener) having such a catch

9. : a thin brittle cookie

a batch of lemon snaps

a new chocolate snap

— compare gingersnap


a. : snap shot

b. : snapshot

c. : snapdragon


a. or snap tool : a tool having a usually cup-shaped depression in one end and used in forming rivetheads in riveting

b. : snaphead


a. : the condition of being vigorous in body, mind, or spirit : alertness , energy , go

a young man with plenty of snap

b. : a pungent pleasing quality (as of literary style) : smartness

13. : a fruit that is snapped (as from the fruiting spur): as

a. : a whole mature cotton boll when harvested by snapping — usually used in plural

b. : snap bean

14. : scotch snap


a. : an act or instance of snapping a football

b. : center 5a(1) — used chiefly in Canadian football

III. adverb

Etymology: snap (I)

: with a snapping movement or sound : with suddenness or violence : briskly

the sail went snap in the freshening wind

IV. adjective

Etymology: snap (I)


a. chiefly Scotland : quick , smart , alert

b. : snapped up or done in a snap : secured, given, done, carried through suddenly or without due process or deliberation

a snap judgment

such snap decisions

c. : called or taken without prior warning

repeated calling of snap votes has given the cabinet some severe scares — Atlantic

2. : shutting, fastening, or otherwise coming together with a click or by means of a device that snaps

a snap lock

snap closures

a snap action

3. : unusually easy or simple

a snap course

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