Meaning of SNAP in English

[snap] vb snapped ; [D or LG snappen; akin to MHG snappen to snap] vi (1530) 1 a: to make a sudden closing of the jaws: seize something sharply with the mouth "fish snapping at the bait" b: to grasp at something eagerly: make a pounce or snatch "~ at any chance"

2: to utter sharp biting words: bark out irritable or peevish retorts 3 a: to break suddenly with a sharp sound "the twig snapped" b: to give way suddenly under strain

4: to make a sharp or crackling sound

5: to close or fit in place with an abrupt movement or sharp sound "the lock snapped shut"

6. a: to move briskly or sharply "~s to attention" b: to undergo a sudden and rapid change (as from one condition to another) "~ out of it" "snapped awake" 7: sparkle, flash "eyes snapping with fury" ~ vt 1: to seize with or as if with a snap of the jaws

2: to take possession or advantage of suddenly or eagerly--usu. used with up "shoppers snapping up bargains" 3 a: to retort to or interrupt curtly and irritably b: to utter curtly or abruptly

4: to break suddenly: break short or in two

5. a: to cause to make a snapping sound "~ a whip" b: to put into or remove from a particular position by a sudden movement or with a sharp sound "~ the lock shut"

6. a: to project with a snap b: to put (a football) in play with a snap c (1): to take photographically "snapping exclusive news pictures --Current Biog." (2): to take a snapshot of

[2]snap n (1555) 1: an abrupt closing (as of the mouth in biting or of scissors in cutting)

2. a archaic: a share of profits or booty b: something that brings quick and easy profit or advantage c: something that is easy and presents no problems: cinch

3: a small amount: bit

4. a: an act or instance of seizing abruptly: a sudden snatching at something b: a quick short movement "lithe ~s of its body --Barbara Taylor" c: a sudden sharp breaking

5. a: a sound made by snapping something "shut the book with a ~" b: a brief sharp and usu. irritable speech or retort

6: a sudden spell of weather "a cold ~" 7: a catch or fastening that closes or locks with a click "the ~ of a bracelet" 8: a flat brittle cookie--compare gingersnap 9: snapshot

10. a: the condition of being vigorous in body, mind, or spirit: alertness, energy b: a pleasing vigorous quality 11: the act of a center's putting the football in play from its position on the ground by quickly passing it between his legs to a teammate (as a quarterback) standing behind him [3]snap adv (1583): with a snap [4]snap adj (1739) 1: done, made, or carried through suddenly or without deliberation "a ~ judgment"

2: called or taken without prior warning "a ~ election"

3: fastening with a snap "a ~ lock"

4: unusually easy or simple "a ~ course"

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