Meaning of TAIL in English


n. & v. 1 the hindmost part of an animal, esp. when prolonged beyond the rest of the body. 2 a a thing like a tail in form or position, esp. something extending downwards or outwards at an extremity. b the rear end of anything, e.g. of a procession. c a long train or line of people, vehicles, etc. 3 a the rear part of an aeroplane, with the tailplane and rudder, or of a rocket. b the rear part of a motor vehicle. 4 the luminous trail of particles following a comet. 5 a the inferior or weaker part of anything, esp. in a sequence. b Cricket the end of the batting order, with the weakest batsmen. 6 a the part of a shirt below the waist. b the hanging part of the back of a coat. 7 (in pl.) colloq. a a tailcoat. b evening dress including this. 8 (in pl.) the reverse of a coin as a choice when tossing. 9 colloq. a person following or shadowing another. 10 an extra strip attached to the lower end of a kite. 11 the stem of a note in music. 12 the part of a letter (e.g. y) below the line. 13 a the exposed end of a slate or tile in a roof. b the unexposed end of a brick or stone in a wall. 14 the slender backward prolongation of a butterfly's wing. 15 a comparative calm at the end of a gale. 16 a calm stretch following rough water in a stream.

v. 1 tr. remove the stalks of (fruit). 2 tr. & (foll. by after) intr. colloq. shadow or follow closely. 3 tr. provide with a tail. 4 tr. dock the tail of (a lamb etc.). 5 tr. (often foll. by on to) join (one thing to another). on a person's tail closely following a person. tail back (of traffic) form a tailback. tail covert any of the feathers covering the base of a bird's tail feathers. tail-end 1 the hindmost or lowest or last part. 2 (sense 5 of the n.). tail-ender a person at the tail-end of something, esp. in cricket and athletic races. tail in fasten (timber) by one end into a wall etc. tail-light (or -lamp) US a light at the rear of a train, motor vehicle, or bicycle. tail off (or away) 1 become fewer, smaller, or slighter. 2 fall behind or away in a scattered line. tail-off n. a decline or gradual reduction, esp. in demand. tail-race the part of a mill-race below the water-wheel. tail-skid a support for the tail of an aircraft when on the ground. tail wind a wind blowing in the direction of travel of a vehicle or aircraft etc. with one's tail between one's legs in a state of dejection or humiliation. with one's tail up in good spirits; cheerful. tailed adj. (also in comb.). tailless adj.

[ OE t‘gl, t‘gel f. Gmc ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.