Meaning of TERM in English


n. & v.

n. 1 a word used to express a definite concept, esp. in a particular branch of study etc. (a technical term). 2 (in pl.) language used; mode of expression (answered in no uncertain terms). 3 (in pl.) a relation or footing (we are on familiar terms). 4 (in pl.) a conditions or stipulations (cannot accept your terms; do it on your own terms). b charge or price (his terms are $20 a lesson). 5 a a limited period of some state or activity (for a term of five years). b a period over which operations are conducted or results contemplated (in the short term). c a period of some weeks, alternating with holiday or vacation, during which instruction is given in a school, college, or university, or Brit. during which a lawcourt holds sessions. d a period of imprisonment. e a period of tenure. 6 Logic a word or words that may be the subject or predicate of a proposition. 7 Math. a each of the two quantities in a ratio. b each quantity in a series. c a part of an expression joined to the rest by + or - (e.g. a, b, c in a + b - c). 8 the completion of a normal length of pregnancy. 9 an appointed day, esp. a Scottish quarter day. 10 (in full Brit. term of years or US term for years) Law an interest in land for a fixed period. 11 = TERMINUS 6. 12 archaic a boundary or limit, esp. of time. denominate, call; assign a term to (the music termed classical). bring to terms cause to accept conditions. come to terms yield, give way. come to terms with 1 reconcile oneself to (a difficulty etc.). 2 conclude an agreement with. in set terms in definite terms. in terms explicitly. in terms of in the language peculiar to, using as a basis of expression or thought. make terms conclude an agreement. on terms on terms of friendship or equality. term paper US an essay or dissertation representative of the work done during a term. terms of reference Brit. points referred to an individual or body of persons for decision or report; the scope of an inquiry etc.; a definition of this. terms of trade Brit. the ratio between prices paid for imports and those received for exports. termless adj. termly adj. & adv.

[ ME f. OF terme f. L TERMINUS ]

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