Meaning of DROP in English

n. 25B6; verb

Eric dropped the box : LET FALL, let go of, lose one's grip on; release, unhand, relinquish.

water drops from the cave roof : DRIP, fall, dribble, trickle, run, plop, leak.

a plane dropped out of the sky : FALL, descend, plunge, plummet, dive, nosedive, tumble, pitch.

she dropped to her knees : FALL, sink, collapse, slump, tumble.

(informal) I was dropping with exhaustion : COLLAPSE, faint, pass out, black out, swoon, keel over; informal flake out, conk out.

the track dropped from the ridge : SLOPE DOWNWARDS, slant downwards, descend, go down, fall away, sink, dip.

the exchange rate dropped : DECREASE, lessen, reduce, diminish, depreciate; fall, decline, dwindle, sink, slump, plunge, plummet.

pupils can drop history if they wish : GIVE UP, finish with, withdraw from; discontinue, end, stop, cease, halt; abandon, forgo, relinquish, dispense with, have done with; informal pack in, quit.

he was dropped from the team : EXCLUDE, discard, expel, oust, throw out, leave out; dismiss, discharge, let go; informal boot out, kick out, turf out.

he dropped his unsuitable friends : ABANDON, desert, throw over; renounce, disown, turn one's back on, wash one's hands of; reject, give up, cast off; neglect, shun; poetic/literary forsake.

he dropped all reference to compensation : OMIT, leave out, eliminate, take out, miss out, delete, cut, erase.

the taxi dropped her off : DELIVER, bring, take, convey, carry, transport; leave, unload.

drop the gun on the ground : PUT, place, deposit, set, lay, leave; informal pop, plonk.

she dropped names : MENTION, refer to, hint at; bring up, raise, broach, introduce; show off.

the team has yet to drop a point : LOSE, concede, give away.

lift, rise, increase, keep, win.

25B6; noun

a drop of water : DROPLET, blob, globule, bead, bubble, tear, dot; informal glob.

it needs a drop of oil : SMALL AMOUNT, little, bit, dash, spot; dribble, driblet, sprinkle, trickle, splash; dab, speck, smattering, sprinkling, modicum; informal smidgen, tad.

an acid drop : SWEET, lozenge, pastille, bonbon; N. Amer. candy.

a small drop in profits : DECREASE, reduction, decline, fall-off, downturn, slump; cut, cutback, curtailment; depreciation.

I walked to the edge of the drop : CLIFF, abyss, chasm, gorge, gully, precipice; slope, descent, incline.

the hangman measured her for the drop : HANGING, gibbeting; execution; informal stringing up.


25A0; drop back/behind FALL BACK/BEHIND, get left behind, lag behind; straggle, linger, dawdle, dally, hang back, loiter, bring/take up the rear; informal dilly-dally.

25A0; drop off

trade dropped off sharply. : See drop verb sense 7.

she kept dropping off : FALL ASLEEP, doze (off), nap, catnap, drowse; informal nod off, drift off, snooze, take forty winks.

25A0; drop out of he dropped out of his studies. : See drop verb sense 8.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.