Meaning of DROP in English

[drop] n, often attrib [ME, fr. OE dropa; akin to OHG tropfo drop] (bef. 12c) 1 a (1): the quantity of fluid that falls in one spherical mass (2) pl: a dose of medicine measured by drops; esp: a solution for dilating the pupil of the eye b: a minute quantity or degree of something nonmaterial or intangible c: a small quantity of drink d: the smallest practical unit of liquid measure

2: something that resembles a liquid drop: as a: a pendent ornament attached to a piece of jewelry; also: an earring with such a pendant b: a small globular cookie or candy 3 [

[2]drop] a: the act or an instance of dropping: fall b: a decline in quantity or quality c: a descent by parachute; also: the people or equipment dropped by parachute d: a place or central depository to which something (as mail, money, or stolen property) is brought for distribution or transmission; also: the act of depositing something at such a place "made the ~"

4. a: the distance from a higher to a lower level or through which something drops b: a fall of electric potential

5: a slot into which something is to be dropped

6. [

[2]drop]: something that drops, hangs, or falls: as a: a movable plate that covers the keyhole of a lock b: an unframed piece of cloth stage scenery; also: drop curtain c: a hinged platform on a gallows d: a fallen fruit 7: the advantage of having an opponent covered with a firearm; broadly: advantage, superiority--usu. used in the phrase get the drop on -- at the drop of a hat : as soon as the slightest provocation is given: immediately -- drop in the bucket : a part so small as to be negligible

[2]drop vb dropped ; drop.ping vi (bef. 12c) 1: to fall in drops

2. a (1): to fall unexpectedly or suddenly (2): to descend from one line or level to another b: to fall in a state of collapse or death c of a card: to become played by reason of the obligation to follow suit d of a ball: to fall or roll into a hole or basket

3: to enter or pass as if without conscious effort of will into some state, condition, or activity "dropped into sleep"

4. a: to cease to be of concern: lapse "let the matter ~" b: to pass from view or notice: disappear--often used with out "~ out of sight" c: to become less "production dropped"--often used with off

5: to move with a favoring wind or current--usu. used with down ~ vt 1: to let fall: cause to fall

2. a: give up 2, abandon "~ an idea" "~ the charges" b: discontinue "dropped what she was doing" c: to break off an association or connection with: dismiss "~ a failing student" 3 a: to utter or mention in a casual way "~ a suggestion" "~ names" b: write "~ us a line soon"

4. a: to lower or cause to descend from one level or position to another b: to cause to lessen or decrease: reduce "dropped his speed"

5. of an animal: to give birth to

6. a: lose "dropped three games" "dropped $50 in a poker game" b: spend "~ $20 for lunch"

7. a: to bring down with a shot or a blow b: to cause (a high card) to fall c: to toss or roll into a hole or basket "~ a putt"

8. a: to deposit or deliver during a usu. brief stop--usu. used with off "~ the kids off at school" b: air-drop 9: to cause (the voice) to be less loud

10. a: to leave (a letter representing a speech sound) unsounded "~ the g in running" b: to leave out in writing: omit 11: to draw from an external point "~ a perpendicular to the line" 12: to take (a drug) orally: swallow "~ acid" -- drop.pa.ble adj -- drop behind : to fail to keep up

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