Meaning of DROP in English

I. verb


a cough drop ( also a cough sweet British English ) (= a sweet you suck to make a cough less irritating )

He was sucking on a cough sweet.

a decline/drop in standards

There has been a general decline in standards of literacy among undergraduates.

a dramatic fall/drop/decline

Between these years there was a dramatic fall in youth employment.

a drop of blood

Police found tiny drops of blood in the apartment.

a drop of rain

Robert felt a drop of rain on his face.

a drop/cut in salary (= a reduction in salary )

He couldn’t afford to take a drop in salary.

a drop/fall in temperature

At night there is a dramatic drop in temperature.

a fall/decline/drop in exports

There has been a decline in exports and an increase in oil prices.

a fall/drop in prices

Poor demand led to a sharp drop in prices.

a fall/drop in sales

Some jobs may be cut following a big drop in sales.

a fall/drop in value

There was a sudden drop in the value of oil.

a number falls/drops/goes down/decreases/declines

The number of new houses being built is falling steadily.

abandon/give up/drop a pretence (= stop pretending that you are doing something or that something is true )

Maria had abandoned any pretence of having faith of any kind long ago.

drag and drop

You can drag and drop text like this.

drift/drop off to sleep (= start sleeping, especially without meaning to )

She’d drifted off to sleep on the sofa.

drop a bomb (= from a plane )

Government forces began dropping bombs on rebel positions.

drop a case (= not continue with it )

The case was dropped because of a lack of evidence.

drop a hint (= give a hint )

She was dropping quite a few hints about what she'd like for her birthday.

drop a lawsuit (= to stop taking a lawsuit to court )

First Bank agreed to drop its lawsuits against another bank as a result of the decision.

drop a stitch (= lose a stitch because the wool has come off the needle )

drop a subject (= stop talking about it )

To her relief, Julius dropped the subject.

drop cloth

drop dead date

drop dead (= die suddenly )

He dropped dead at the age of 52.

drop goal

drop litter

People who drop litter can be fined in some cities.

drop out of university (= leave before finishing your course )

He dropped out of university in order to join a rock band.

drop out of/withdraw from the race

He dropped out of the presidential race three weeks ago.

drop sb from a team (= decide that someone should not play for a team )

He has been dropped from the team because of injury.

drop shot

drop the charges (= decide not to go on with a court case )

The prosecution dropped the charges in 2005.

drop your aitches (= not pronounce the letter H at the beginning of words )

People with Cockney accents tend to drop their aitches.

drop/lower your eyes (= look down at the ground )

The servants lowered their eyes as the countess walked past.

dropped anchor

We dropped anchor a few yards offshore.

dropped the bombshell

Finally, she dropped the bombshell . She was pregnant, she said.

dropping a...clanger (= making a silly or embarrassing remark )

He’s being blamed for dropping a massive political clanger .

ear drops

every last drop/bit/scrap etc (= all of something, including even the smallest amount of it )

They made us pick up every last scrap of paper.

exports fall/decline/drop

Exports of gas and oil continued to fall while imports of raw materials have risen.

eye drops

fall/drop sharply

Oil prices fell sharply.

fall/drop/sink to the floor

He let his cigarette fall to the floor.

imports fall/drop

Imports of consumer goods fell sharply in December.

let the matter rest/drop (= stop discussing or worrying about something )

I was too curious to let the matter drop.

lower/drop your gaze (= look down )

Her eyes met his and she immediately dropped her gaze.

mail drop

rain drop

sales fall/drop/go down (= become lower )

European sales have fallen by 12%.

sb’s mouth falls/drops open (= in surprise )

‘Me?’ she said, her mouth dropping open.

sb’s voice drops (= becomes lower )

Lockhart’s voice dropped so that it could only just be heard.

sink/fall/drop to your knees (= move so that you are kneeling )

Tim fell to his knees and started to pray.

the temperature falls/drops

Last winter, the temperature fell below freezing on only five days.

the wind drops/dies down (= becomes less strong )

The wind had dropped a little.

vertical cliff/climb/drop etc (= one that is very high or steep )

a gorge lined with vertical cliffs

withdraw from a course/drop out of a course (= leave it without finishing it )

She had to withdraw from the course because of illness.




By 1880, however it had dropped away to under 200,000 tons.

This is a positive procedure, and when the healing has taken place the scab drops away .

On either score, actual artists and their intentions somehow dropped away .

The trouble and ache of the last few minutes circled the center of his feeling and then dropped away .

In the following year membership reached a peak, before dropping away in 1938 and 1939.

Indeed, as the stereotypes dropped away , humans astonished them-selves with the ranges of behavior they could thrive within.

Memory of Sweet Home dropped away from the eyes of the man she was being girlish for.


She half-ran, half-walked, taking a wide curve around the villa and dropping back down towards it on the western side.

George W.. Bush believes it might be time to drop back and punt the primary back to May.

The diary she dropped back into her handbag.

And if you do something wrong again, you drop back another level.

Speed had dropped back and Wallace moved upwards in the second half.

Instead, after Napoleon Kaufman lost two yards on a running play, Hobert dropped back to pass.

The answer is to drop back to conscious competence every now and again to check things out and eradicate the bad habits.

Then they dropped back out of sight.


Then, next time you drop by , it will know you.

Again, you just never know when they might want to drop by .

If that rose even to 1.5, travel times would drop by nearly a quarter and pollution by around a fifth.

No more lamp all night long, or neighbors dropping by .

But violent crime has dropped by almost a quarter in the past three years.

When people drop by to see her, she sends them away.

Father Christmas dropped by during the meal.

The benchmark 30-year Treasury bond dropped by nearly a full point just minutes after news of the budget problems reached traders.


Trent dropped down into the galley and took his time searching out a tin of ginger biscuits.

Key dropped down for a sidearm fastball with two strikes, but he left it up around the chin.

Something was not quite right, so without hesitation he dropped down on to the deck.

Song or no song, he had dropped down on the bed beside her and put his hand over hers.

I drop down Like the night.

The track eventually drops down to a road.

Two miles or so past Tintagel the path drops down to Trebawith Strand.


The number of people in the catchment area of the resource centre who now seek residential care has dropped dramatically .

But when a manganese plant south of the city closed, those levels dropped dramatically .

But their levels are dropping dramatically .

Now the rate of new infections drops dramatically along a mathematical curve almost the opposite of the one it initially rose upon.

Deformation modes involving hydrogen also drop dramatically in frequency on isotopic substitution.

The results were predictable: Drug use dropped dramatically .

Since then the incidence of the disease, which can cause severe paralysis, has dropped dramatically .

Above 85 decibels, the permitted time exposure without hearing protection drops dramatically .


I could drop in at your place about five or six.

One day at my suggestion he dropped in to look it over.

Then let the solution cool down, being careful not to let any dust drop in .

Keep a folder on your desk, and during the year drop in notes about the special things you did.

Railway Tavern where Ted sometimes drops in to meet her on Friday nights.

It made it that much harder for the Washington press corps to drop in and snoop.

Pilate, in brown suit and sunglasses, seems to have dropped in from Palermo.

Pierce Brosnan also dropped in recently.


Graham Hunsley, mitigating, said Twohig dropped off food to save a calf which would otherwise have been slaughtered.

Singer wins 20 but drops off to seven and seven for the Angels.

Their height drops off only linearly with distance.

There were four short reviews to do and I dropped off between three and four.

In response, body temperature falls, metabolism slows, and we prepare to drop off .

I fell asleep .... cackle cackle - I dropped off .

By the fall of 1924 the bulletins were becoming scarcer as the traffic dropped off to zero.


But in the second week the children drop out because they are hungry.

It was in the 70s, and lots of people dropped out , even elite runners.

It shows how good Batts is because normally Dalglish makes one offer - if it s rejected he drops out altogether.

He acted out his airport trick and showed how the money had dropped out of his pockets.

Fitzpatrick has replaced Tilbury Douglas on the bidder list after it dropped out .

Later, two of my cousins entered law, although one has dropped out to be a chef.

Of the children who started school in 1983, 50 percent had dropped out after four years.

I had dropped out of grad school at the beginning of the semester.


Her opinion of Benedict Beckenham dropped sharply .

After three decades of promotion, the Pap test is largely the reason why cervical cancer deaths have dropped sharply .

Their balance of payments deficits have been alarmingly large, and their currencies have dropped sharply , aggravating their inflationary problems.

As in Iowa, New Hampshire had recovered from a 1992 recession and had seen unemployment drop sharply .

In a separate report, the Conference Board, a research group, said consumer confidence dropped sharply in January.

Violent incidents such as kidnapping and sabotage dropped sharply last year.

The limits are imposed after futures prices drop sharply .


It was like being in an elevator which suddenly drops from the top of a twenty storey building to the basement.

The penny suddenly drops , and he is revealed as the one who makes sense of life.

Tennessee Williams has written about several football heroes who suddenly drop through the floor at the height of their prowess.

It would have been very hard for him to have suddenly dropped her after all she had endured.

He dropped suddenly on to the edge of the bed.

He then suddenly drops to the ground on the left knee, placing the left hand on the floor in front of him.

Several calls have been eventually connected but are suddenly dropped by the system for no apparent reason. 4.


Rho Cassiopeiæ, in the same constellation, fluctuates around magnitude 5, but very occasionally drops to below 6.

The occupancy rate of the hotel had dropped to about one in four rooms last year, he added.

By 1988 this had dropped to about 15 percent of spruce, and other species such as pine and fir showed similar improvements.

It occurs when the temperature drops to between 22-25°C.

Today, he estimates, the number of collectors has dropped to about 50.

For a relatively prosperous family, spending on cooking probably drops to less than 5 percent of the annual income.

Martin Brookes has been appointed as the new chairman and succeeds Charlie Jones, who drops to vice chairman.

From a daytime 70-75F the mercury drops to below freezing.



Kit dropped his bombs and climbed to escape their shock waves.

Sixteen billion gallons of water dropped like a bomb on the town below.

They dropped ninety-three bombs and caused casualties and damage at a rate Paris had not experienced before.

Can you imagine what would happen if they dropped a bomb on the Suq al-Sabat?

I was a crew member of the Enola Gay, the B29 that dropped a bomb on Hiroshima.

It tells of homes set aflame, planes dropping turpentine bombs and the wanton shooting of unarmed black men on the street.

We asked who led the Lancasters into action when they dropped their bouncing bombs .

They come in at treetop level and drop these bombs .


Then, one day in May, Kathleen dropped a bombshell .

However, it was while in the midst of dealing with her father's problems that her husband had dropped his bombshell .

Jackie drops the bombshell as she and Jimmy happily tell each other how much they love each other after 27 years together.

There is a funny, touching reconciliation scene, and then Michael drops his bombshell .


It is thought that banks will now be forced to drop their charges for those who wish to transfer.

Moreover, battered women often wind up dropping the charges as reconciliation with the abuser.

We have to drop the charge and put the painful memories on one side.

Like making sure they drop the charges against me.

He's dropping the charges against Jamie.

Although the dropping of the charges was a big story, it faded as quickly as the Cowboys in the playoffs.


She dropped Wilfred on to the floor .

You must never drop it on the floor and never touch it without washing your hands and face.

Tennessee Williams has written about several football heroes who suddenly drop through the floor at the height of their prowess.

He let the boy drop to the floor .

Anyone who had drugs on them dropped them to the floor .

Keep the napkin square on your lap or it will fall off, and you may not drop anything on the floor .

I dropped to the floor , hopeful I had found a gap in the defences, and stopped dead.

Mattie wiggled out of the bottom of her pajamas and dropped them on the floor .


Because Ludo and I drop our hands to where our holsters would be, and brush our jackets aside.

The Human Body dropped from his hands , snapped open, and the innards scattered all over the dirt floor.

He drops his hands over his feet.

I went to open the window as though to hope some breeze might seduce her forth, and dropped my hand .

It dropped into Thérèse's hands .

Mr Ward dropped in with his hands full of wildflowers, and then Frank Sargent on his way fishing.

George dropped his hands from his face, and very quickly realized that the young man was longing to unburden himself.

He dropped his hands to his side.


There was certainly something different about this one, she thought dreamily, and dropped her head on his shoulder again.

Barnabas dropped his head on his front paws.

Six month old Hannah Davies was dropped on her head .

Laura sobbed, and dropped her head .

He swung himself to sit on the edge of the bed, and dropped his head in his hands.

Wally dropped his head into my lap and began nuzzling my crotch.


They managed to see Maeda who dropped hints and told them to be circumspect.

He was apparently out of favor with the judges, some of whom had dropped subtle hints that Galindo should move on.

Little by little he dropped hints , but no details.

Occasionally he dropped hints on this matter to Gina.

Despite my misgivings, I dropped heavy hints at home.

But sometimes, the trash drops a hint to a waiter.

He assured me he hadn't mentioned the glass to anyone, hadn't dropped any hints .


He dropped to one knee and stayed there.

I looked up at the numbers lighting faster than I could count and dropped to my knees .

So that she knew when he stood up and walked round to drop to his knees beside her.

Gardner dropped to his knees in prayer.

Thérèse dropped to her knees and tried to kiss his ring.

After the thanksgiving over the water, George dropped to his knees on a braided rug.

Kirov dropped to his knees , gingerly placing his ear over the man's heart.

After Federer ended the match with an ace, he dropped to his knees .


Do drop me a line , Mrs Surridge, or anyone else who's interested.

Other cities have dropped their line items without allowing departments to keep any of their savings.

If he can not do so, perhaps he will drop me a line .

Do spare time to drop me a line .

If any walls appear to lean, check by going back to the nearest upper window and drop a plumb line down.

So if there are any problems drop me a line .

What ever the reason is, Mr Heaps, please drop us a line to tell us about it.

Then get cracking, drop me a line with your suggestions.


Especially for a company whose sales have dropped 14 percent in the last five years.

Tariffs on imported cars would drop from 85 percent to 60 percent in 1991 and to 35 percent by 1994.

If the family earns $ 100, 000, the tax bill drops by 22 percent .

While sales of petrol engined cars dropped by almost 32 percent , sales of diesels rose by nine percent.

Imports dropped 9. 9 percent to $ 6. 31 billion, the government said in a statement.

Revenue dropped 35 percent to $ 789.5 million.

Over the next three years, federal prosecutions of drug cases dropped 12 percent and drug interdiction spending fell 35 percent.


One of the fastest ways to list is simply to drop your points on the page, numbering as you go.

The party's share of vote was squeezed, dropping five points from 1987 to 18 percent.

The Commodity Research Bureau index dropped 2. 33 points to 242. 90.

But if they drop points , Leicester City or Derby County could triumph in a nail-biting finish.

Last Nov. 15, amid rumors she had become bearish on stocks, the market dropped 55 points in midday trading.

The Conservatives are down one point to 34 %, and the Liberal Democrats have dropped three points to 13 %.

For every day I stayed in Rochester, my intelligence quotient dropped another ten points .


Now the price has dropped to fifteen, sometimes less.

Philip Morris' stock price dropped 6 1 / 8 points to 115 7 / 8.

As crude oil prices dropped , many governments raised their taxes on gasoline.

In little more than a decade the price would drop to eighteen cents.

When delivery was actually made, the market price had dropped to 42s. 6d.

And many blacks argue that the difference is not a matter of economics, particularly with computer prices dropping .

Ironically that is also the reason behind yesterday's good news for motorists that petrol prices are to drop .

The almost inevitable result: Housing prices will drop , hurting homeowners.


Then on Wednesday night he forecast that interest rates would drop - fuelling the City boom.

If you travel between April 7-21, the rate drops to $ 70 because the resort throws in free skiing.

The society's rates drop by 0.7% to 9.29% on December 1.

The crash rate had dropped from one every 13, 000 flying hours to one every 5O, 000.

Within one generation, the predation rate drops to the level found in areas where the animals have long co-existed.

Both rates dropped from 1994 levels.

The theft rate began to drop first in the Interior region and then in the Intermediate area.

When interest rates drop , the value of short-duration bond funds can drop too.


He has dropped out of school because he is not interested in studies.

Don dropped out of school in June, dashing all hope of be-coming a lawyer.

Children drop out of school to find jobs.

You want to drop out of school ?

Many of them drop out of school , too exhausted to study.

At 16, Williams dropped out of school to sing in nightclubs and the flourishing dance scene at South Side social clubs.

One indication of that success is that virtually no one drops out of school .

He dropped out of graduate school and began writing Apple programs.


There was a long silence as Merrill fought a desire to drop the subject which had goaded her ever since Elise died.

I dropped the subject , but the gossip persisted.

Currently, disaffected pupils can drop two subjects to spend up to a day a week in the workplace.

He just nodded and dropped the subject .

University entrance students choose between science and social science and drop some subjects .

But suppose we drop the subject of Elise for this evening?


When the temperature drops they become dormant but remain alive.

In addition, body temperature begins to drop and muscles begin to relax.

Thanks to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream, the climate is also mild, temperatures rarely dropping much below freezing.

An ice age begins slowly, almost imperceptibly, when the average temperature drops by a few degrees.

It occurs when the temperature drops to between 22-25°C.

The wind was howling and the temperature was dropping fast.

Even during the winter, when the nights are cool, the daytime temperature barely drops below 25C.

If the temperature drops below 80, I start shivering.


Remember that most people tend to drop their voices at the end of a sentence.

She dropped her voice to a scratchy whisper.

She dropped her voice to a harsh whisper. ` I don't want to hear anything!


(have/drop) a word in sb's ear

A word in the ear of the Weatherfield constabulary.

His resolve ends when again he wakes at dawn with prophetic words in his ears.

If I were you I'd drop a quiet word in her ear before it's too late.

Mixed blessings' A word in your ear.

be dying/dropping etc like flies

Grocer profits While other retailers are dropping like flies , supermarkets are making fat profits.

Our kids are dropping like flies .

The men were dying like flies , of fever.

They should be dropping like flies , but that hasn't been the case.

drop dead!

drop sb a line

What do you think? Drop me a line at the Washington Post Weekend section and share your thoughts.

Why don't you give me a call or drop me a line sometime?

Do drop me a line , Mrs Surridge, or anyone else who's interested.

Do spare time to drop me a line .

If any walls appear to lean, check by going back to the nearest upper window and drop a plumb line down.

If he can not do so, perhaps he will drop me a line .

Other cities have dropped their line items without allowing departments to keep any of their savings.

So if there are any problems drop me a line .

Then get cracking, drop me a line with your suggestions.

What ever the reason is, Mr Heaps, please drop us a line to tell us about it.

drop the ball

drop/go down like ninepins

Men and horses went down like ninepins before them, in a tangle of waving limbs, flailing hooves and broken lances.

fit to drop

knockout pills/drops etc

sb's jaw dropped

the bottom drops/falls out of the market

the penny (has) dropped

At this point the penny dropped.

I was about to ask Jack who it was, when the penny dropped.

Suddenly the penny dropped, and Meredith knew why he'd been prowling about the airport like an angry lion.

Then the penny dropped and he realised that the man had meant a fan- bearer.

you could hear a pin drop


A few pine cones had already dropped to the ground.

Allied planes began dropping bombs at midnight Tuesday.

As soon as she saw him she dropped her suitcases and ran towards him.

Barbara dropped her voice so Nelson wouldn't hear.

Be careful not to drop that bowl, it's very valuable.

Because of strong opposition, the government has dropped plans to increase taxes on fuel.

Getz dropped McCallum with a right blow to the jaw.

He couldn't run fast enough, so the coach dropped him.

Her hands shake constantly and she keeps dropping things.

I'll drop you at the corner, okay?

I'm too busy to just drop everything and go out for the day.

I dropped my sunglasses and they broke.

I don't think this article will be of interest to our readers. Let's drop it.

I have to drop 25 pounds to fit in the costume.

I nearly dropped my glass on the floor when they said I'd won.

I need to drop off these papers at Bob's.

I think I may drop French next year and concentrate on my other languages.

If you take four classes you can drop one later if you need to.

Margaret dropped the letters onto her desk.

Marian has dropped all her old friends since she started college.


A buyer might say that he is willing to buy if the seller drops his price by £100.

Clarisa reclaimed him an hour later as the sun dropped into the ocean.

He dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass in the end zone on fourth down against Green Bay with 11 seconds left.

Lily dropped a cube of sugar into her champagne and they clinked glasses, still laughing.

Minnesota Educational Computing Corp., which sells educational software, dropped 15 percent, or 3, to 17.

Studies had shown that the more assessment tests a student failed, the likelier that student was to drop out.

II. noun




And manufacturers report a big drop in new orders.

The same could happen in San Diego, but even the new competitors are warning against expecting a big price drop .

Then at the bottom of that big drop , it was like crashing through the seat into the ground.

Services had 30, 736 fewer unemployed, the biggest drop in nominal terms of any group.

A big drop took place in rates of partitioning.

At first, that looks like a big drop in pay.

The big drop over the past five years since the 1987 election is welcome news.

Meanwhile, new-homes sales plummeted by 10.9 percent in January, the biggest drop in seven years.


It had an immediate effect, causing a long term, and dramatic drop in the Club's profits.

Could these factors contribute to a dramatic drop in the self-esteem of schoolgirls?


In the meantime, a sudden cloud had appeared, and a few large drops of rain spattered the courtyard.

To be sure, a large-enough drop in heating oil demand could undermine a rebound in prices, analysts said.

Most patients were experiencing a large drop in viral load.

The large drops leave the spray behind and pass on to hit the target.

Tonight she would wear the swinging strands of rolled gold ending in one large crystal drop .

Also similar is the absence of a large drop in production in the immediate years after the land reforms in these countries.

Analysis of the health service performance indicators shows a large drop in the proportion of night visits performed by deputising services.

The ants like to feed on the sugary liquid which the aphids produce in large drops from their rear end.


A sharp drop in population coupled with forest regeneration in the Basin of Pátzcuaro may have significantly reduced erosion.

One reason: a sharp drop in the number of undergraduate students choosing economics as a major.

The resulting sharp drop in its levels causes the lining of the womb, along with the unfertilised egg, to be shed.

The decline was in part due to a sharp drop in gasoline prices.

Far better to await a further sharp drop in mortgage rates into the high or even middling single digits.

Last year, a sharp drop in interest rates boosted the value of a 30-year Treasury bond by more than 30 percent.

Cuts in salaries, bonuses and overtime payments have reduced many family-incomes and caused a sharp drop in consumer spending.

Nevertheless, he said the sharp drop in the book-to-bill came as a surprise.


There was a sheer drop , half the height of a man, down to the water's surface.

The fourth side of the clearing was sheer cliff drop , attended by a barrier of split rails.

There is a wind-blown cornice of about one and a half metres overhanging a sheer drop of about eight metres.

He'd had a short walk after the service and every path seemed to end in a cliff or a sheer drop .

The road was overhung with rocks and the view from the driver's window was a sheer drop .

They parked and walked to the cape where there was a terrifying sheer drop to the sea.


On the other hand Marsh did find that there was a statistically significant drop in the excess returns after 1968.

Among the 50 largest cities, there was a significant drop: from 9 percent in 1990 to 5 percent in 1998.

The first is the significant drop in nationally funded research grants that has occurred over the past 10 to 15 years.

The trade gap looks appalling and it may take some time before we see a significant drop in consumer spending.


It was great fun and they worked so carefully they didn't spill one single drop of sponge mixture.

We prayed for rain at supper every evening, and for three months not a single drop fell from the sky.

Finally the rain came, slowly at first in single drops , then in a sudden burst that pelted the houses like shrapnel.

Up until this time it was unknown whether it was a single stream a single drop , or a series of drops.


Still, on-the-move shifting was simple and even a small gearing drop helps.

The air is full of bits of dust and small drops of water.

The day was a huge success, despite a small drop in attendance figures.

For a somewhat analogous situation, think of a small drop of ink placed in a large container of water.

He stood there under his umbrella, watching the rain slide off it in small , fine drops .

A small minority drop showers of recoverable meteorites on the ground, but most are utterly disrupted in their final explosion.

Occasionally a drop would splash against the deck next to my face and spawn smaller drops that landed on my nose.


I saw the frightened horses on the edge of a steep drop .

Big Thunder is weak as roller coasters go with no steep drops or loops.

On his second wave he took a steep drop and his nose dug in.

The index earlier was down 100 points, its steepest drop since Dec. 18.

Already there was a very steep drop and as she looked up her heart almost stopped.

The river has curved round and Odd-Knut has drawn up a few metres from the edge of a very steep drop .

Then there is a much steeper drop up to 2,000 fathoms.

Turn right, with a steep drop on the left where the path descends towards the Upper Neuadd reservoir.


Scientists had discovered that a sudden drop in cabin pressure had caused some types of implants to swell rapidly.

This makes their prices less vulnerable to sudden drops .

A sudden drop in the wind told her the worst was over.

From that jumping-off point, the plot hits hairpin turns, sudden cliff drops and delirious loops of logic and technology.

But she had no leisure to enjoy the spectacle of Mrs Quatt's sudden drop from favour.


It can not climb back from a vertical drop since it lacks the body diameter of the rabbit.



Sterile eye drops can be purchased for this purpose.

Both eye irritation and redness are helped with lubricating eye drops and eye ointments.

They also have literature on the correct use of things such as eye drops and inhalers.

Patients receive an eye drop anaesthetic for the procedure which is only available privately at a cost of £1,300 per eye.


He was responsible for 12 of Ireland's 17 points, comprised of two penalties and two drop goals .

A Hughie Nicholson try and a conversion, penalty and drop goal from Bland earned City the points.

He added to his first-half penalty with two second-half drop goals and landed a further penalty.

Gary Parker, who was playing at scrum-half, kicked two conversions while David Leighton landed a drop goal .

His superb line-kicking and two brilliant last-minute drop goals brought wild scenes to Stradey Park.

If the drop goal were reduced to two points and the penalty goal to two points, that would be more sensible.

Cardiff won 15-6, with four penalties and a drop goal by fly half Adrian Davies.

Fox scored two tries, five goals and a neatly-taken drop goal.


Only 49 % gave him their approval-a 10-\#point drop on the previous survey.


Gilts suffered too, with price drops of up to a point.

The same could happen in San Diego, but even the new competitors are warning against expecting a big price drop .

The Chester-based group announced profits of more than £111ma 17.4% jump which sparked an immediate 1% price drop for its 1.3m customers.

Few price drops are expected as the season progresses.

Once patent life has ended, the manufacturers' price drops and parallel trading is barely profitable.

That followed a 19 % price drop on Tuesday.

It could mean a price drop of around ten per cent.


This temperature drop is represented by the vertical line DD' in the phase diagram.

They sat there with the door open to let the temperature drop before driving off.



Pour about half a litre of near-boiling water into a bowl and add two to four drops of essential oil.

For a 1 or 2 percent concentration, add one or two drops of essential oil to each teaspoonful of base oil.

If the greenery is grimy add a drop of washing-up liquid.

It's much better to add a little up to drop the nose.

The simplest method is to add five or six drops of essential oil on to a handkerchief and inhale as required.

Occasionally, I add 3 drops of cedarwood to this blend which brings it down a little. 2.

Whisk the egg which and add a flew drops of flavouring &038; colouring. 3.


That move caused such a drop in viewing figures that regulators ordered it to be restored to its former place.

The number of workers on long-term layoffs also declined, causing a drop in the value of unemployment claims.

So what caused the big drop in the market?


Of the dailies, Today's circulation has registered the worst seasonal drop , falling to 466,631 from 513,673.

A drop of water fell on her bare arm and she jerked, a little bitten-off exclamation.

Icy drops of water fell from them on to her sun-warmed arms.

The party broke up early when the sky darkened and the first drops of rain fell .

They had walked past the cottages and were half-way down the hill when the first drop of rain fell .

The drop was attributed to falling prices for raw materials, a sign of weaker industrial demand.

The next evening was dark and cloudy; a storm threatened and already the first drops of rain were falling .

But every drop that fell contained the promise of another leaf, another blossom, another blade of grass in the spring.


Monthly rainfall figures show a 16-fold drop in rainfall from September 1988 to the start of last year.

Industrial output for January showed a drop of 1.2 percent and only 81.9 percent of industrial capacity was in use.

Government figures for 1998 and 1999 also show the sharpest drop in any year since 1970.

Analysis of the health service performance indicators shows a large drop in the proportion of night visits performed by deputising services.

Figures out today show a drop of thirty-five percent in the number of murders.

Such critical features of the peasant economy as horse-ownership showed a disastrous drop during the late nineteenth century.


The Socialists suffered a sharp drop in votes and seats.

The Berras did not, for example, have to suffer through a 43-percent drop in 1931.

The major financial effect was for the Gazette which suffered a £1.3m drop in income against the original 1992 budget.

However, it is possible to lose weight and not suffer a large drop in metabolic rate.

He outclasses the nerdy Damon, and the picture suffers a drop in voltage when Law is off-screen.


Men in the North still drink the most with East Anglian males hardly touching a drop .

Gently touch this drop on to the surface of the spreading solution.

When we are rehearsing and recording he never touches a drop of alcohol; but afterwards there are many toasts and celebrations.


(have/drop) a word in sb's ear

A word in the ear of the Weatherfield constabulary.

His resolve ends when again he wakes at dawn with prophetic words in his ears.

If I were you I'd drop a quiet word in her ear before it's too late.

Mixed blessings' A word in your ear.

drop dead!

drop/go down like ninepins

Men and horses went down like ninepins before them, in a tangle of waving limbs, flailing hooves and broken lances.

fit to drop

knockout pills/drops etc

let sth drop/rest/lie

the bottom drops/falls out of the market

you could hear a pin drop

After he finished telling the story you could have heard a pin drop.

It was so quiet in the hall you could hear a pin drop.

You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium during Norvell's speech.

you could hear a pin drop


Add a few drops of vanilla essence, the egg white and half the butter.

Big drops of rain slid down the window pane.

Despite the air drops of food and tents, the refugees continue to suffer.

It's a twenty-five-foot drop from this cliff.

She applied a few drops of perfume behind her ears and smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

There was a sudden drop in the plane's altitude.


In fact, each individual drop of water is describing a circular motion which takes it nowhere overall.

It was the worst one-day stock market drop since the Great Crash of 1929.

Maggie slid from the saddle and held the reins, her eyes on the drop to the lake.

Multiply the number of widths by the number of pattern repeats per drop to give the total number of pattern repeats required.

Then for every drop of oil that stuck to the chopstick a drop of water remained in the bottle.

Unfortunately, the talent level took a definite drop by the late-1980s.

Worrell had achieved any captain's dream of knowing that his players would give their last drop of sweat just for him.

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