Meaning of RISE in English


n. 25B6; verb

the sun rose : MOVE UP/UPWARDS, come up, make one's/its way up, arise, ascend, climb, mount, soar.

the mountains rising above us : LOOM, tower, soar, rise up, rear (up).

prices rose : GO UP, increase, soar, shoot up, surge, leap, jump, rocket, escalate, spiral.

living standards have risen : IMPROVE, get better, advance, go up, soar, shoot up.

his voice rose : GET HIGHER, grow, increase, become louder, swell, intensify.

he rose from his chair : STAND UP, get to one's feet, get up, jump up, leap up; formal arise.

he rises at dawn : GET UP, get out of bed, rouse oneself, stir, bestir oneself, be up and about; informal rise and shine, shake a leg, surface; formal arise.

the court rose at midday : ADJOURN, recess, be suspended, pause, take a break; informal knock off, take five.

he rose through the ranks : MAKE PROGRESS, climb, advance, get on, work one's way, be promoted.

he wouldn't rise to the bait : REACT, respond; take.

Christ rose again : COME BACK TO LIFE, be resurrected, revive.

the dough started to rise : SWELL, expand, enlarge, puff up.

the nation rose against its oppressors : REBEL, revolt, mutiny, riot, take up arms.

the Rhine rises in the Alps : ORIGINATE, begin, start, emerge; issue from, spring from, flow from, emanate from.

her spirits rose : BRIGHTEN, lift, cheer up, improve, pick up; informal buck up.

the ground rose gently : SLOPE UPWARDS, go uphill, incline, climb.

fall, descend, drop, sit, retire, resume, die, shelve.

25B6; noun

a price rise : INCREASE, hike, leap, upsurge, upswing, climb, escalation.

he got a rise of 11 02CC; : RAISE, pay increase, wage increase; hike, increment.

a rise in standards : IMPROVEMENT, amelioration, upturn, leap.

his rise to power : PROGRESS, climb, promotion, elevation, aggrandizement.

we walked up the rise : SLOPE, incline, acclivity, hillock, hill; formal eminence.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.