Meaning of RISE in English


v. & n.

--v.intr. (past rose; past part. risen)

1. move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up.

2 grow, project, expand, or incline upwards; become higher.

3 (of the sun, moon, or stars) appear above the horizon.

4 a get up from lying or sitting or kneeling (rose to their feet; rose from the table). b get out of bed, esp. in the morning (do you rise early?).

5 recover a standing or vertical position; become erect (rose to my full height).

6 (of a meeting etc.) cease to sit for business; adjourn (Parliament rises next week; the court will rise).

7 reach a higher position or level or amount (the flood has risen; prices are rising).

8 develop greater intensity, strength, volume, or pitch (the colour rose in her cheeks; the wind is rising; their voices rose with excitement).

9 make progress; reach a higher social position (rose from the ranks).

10 a come to the surface of liquid (bubbles rose from the bottom; waited for the fish to rise). b (of a person) react to provocation (rise to the bait).

11 become or be visible above the surroundings etc., stand prominently (mountains rose to our right).

12 a (of buildings etc.) undergo construction from the foundations (office blocks were rising all around). b (of a tree etc.) grow to a (usu. specified) height.

13 come to life again (rise from the ashes; risen from the dead).

14 (of dough) swell by the action of yeast etc.

15 (often foll. by up) cease to be quiet or submissive; rebel (rise in arms).

16 originate; have as its source (the river rises in the mountains).

17 (of wind) start to blow.

18 (of a person's spirits) become cheerful.

19 (of a barometer) show a higher atmospheric pressure.

20 (of a horse) rear (rose on its hind legs).

21 (of a bump, blister, etc.) form.

22 (of the stomach) show nausea.


1. an act or manner or amount of rising.

2 an upward slope or hill or movement (a rise in the road; the house stood on a rise; the rise and fall of the waves).

3 an increase in sound or pitch.

4 a an increase in amount, extent, etc. (a rise in unemployment). b Brit. an increase in salary, wages, etc.

5 an increase in status or power.

6 social, commercial, or political advancement; upward progress.

7 the movement of fish to the surface.

8 origin.

9 a the vertical height of a step, arch, incline, etc. b RISER 2.

Phrases and idioms:

get (or take) a rise out of colloq. provoke an emotional reaction from (a person), esp. by teasing. on the rise on the increase. rise above

1. be superior to (petty feelings etc.).

2 show dignity or strength in the face of (difficulty, poor conditions, etc.). rise and shine (usu. as imper.) colloq. get out of bed smartly; wake up. rise in the world attain a higher social position. rise to develop powers equal to (an occasion). rise with the sun (or lark) get up early in the morning.

Etymology: OE risan f. Gmc

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