Meaning of RISE in English

I. verb


a currency rises/falls (= it goes up or down in relation to other currencies )

The currency fell from 144 to the dollar twelve months ago to 812.

a dramatic increase/rise

There has been a dramatic rise in fuel costs.

a flower/rose garden (= a garden planted with flowers/roses )

The cottage was surrounded by a flower garden.

a growing/increasing/rising trend

a growing trend towards globalization in world markets

a growth/rise/increase in exports

The electronics sector has seen a 16% growth in exports.

a level rises/goes up/increases

The level of unemployment has increased.

a mist rises (= comes up from something such as water )

I could see the mist rising from the river.

a number increases/goes up/grows/rises

The number of mobile phones has increased dramatically.

a pay rise British English , pay raise American English

If you get promoted, will you get a pay rise?

a population grows/increases/rises

Between these years the population grew by 40%.

a price goes up/rises/increases

When supplies go down, prices tend to go up.

a price rise/increase

Consumers are facing more fuel price rises.

a rapid increase/rise

The country cannot cope with a rapid increase in population.

a rating rises/climbs

The president's approval ratings have risen considerably.

a rise in prices

The sharp rise in wholesale food prices will have to be passed onto customers.

a rise in temperature/a temperature rise

The result was a rise in the Earth's temperature.

a rise in temperature/a temperature rise

The result was a rise in the Earth's temperature.

a rise/increase in unemployment

The crisis meant a sharp rise in unemployment.

a rise/increase in value

We saw a rapid increase in the land’s value.

a rising star (= someone who is becoming famous and successful )

She is very much the rising star of Black American fiction.

a rising/falling rate

A falling mortality rate led to a gradual increase in the proportion of the aged in the population.

a river rises somewhere formal (= it starts there )

The River Euphrates rises in Turkey and flows through Syria.

a steady increase/rise

The campus has benefited from a steady increase in student numbers.

a wage increase/rise

The rail workers demanded a 20% wage increase.

an improvement/rise in standards

There has been an improvement in living standards.

an increase/rise in expenditure

The government has announced a planned 4.4% increase in public expenditure.

an increase/rise in salary

They were offered a 10% increase in salary.

climbing rose/plant

come to/rise to/achieve prominence (as sth)

She first came to prominence as an artist in 1989.

compass rose

consumption rises/increases/goes up

Consumption of unleaded fuel rose by 17% in 1992.

death toll rose

As the unrest continued, the death toll rose .

demand rises/increases

Demand for energy has continued to rise.

earnings rise/increase

Average earnings increased by 5 per cent last year.

expenditure rises

As public expenditure has risen, so have taxes.

exports increase/rise/grow

Electronics exports grew more slowly than in previous years.

give rise to difficulties formal (= cause them )

The stormy weather gave rise to difficulties for many of the competitors in the yacht race.

growing/increasing/rising popularity

This may be the key to explaining Celtic music's increasing popularity.

growing/mounting/rising panic (= increasing panic )

She quickly packed a bag, trying all the time to control her mounting panic.

growing/rising/increased expectations (= becoming higher )

China's economy will grow considerably over the next five years, bringing rising expectations of wealth.

growing/rising/mounting anger

There is growing anger among drivers over the rise in fuel prices.

imports increase/rise/grow

Imports increased by 13 percent last year.

increase/rise by half (= become 50% more )

The number of passengers using the service has increased by half.

increase/rise/fall etc in production

a drop in oil and gas production

increase/rise/go up in value

The dollar has been steadily increasing in value.

increasing/growing/mounting/rising tension

There are reports of increasing tension in some areas.

inflation rises

Inflation rose steadily from the mid-1960s

lead to/prompt/give rise to speculation (= result in it )

This development led to speculation that she was about to resign.

meteoric rise

her meteoric rise from dancer to professional actress

mountains rise (= go high into the sky )

The mountains rise above the plains.

panic rises within sb (= someone starts to feel panic )

She felt panic rising within her.

pay rise

Some company directors have awarded themselves huge pay rises.

people rise in rebellion (= start rebelling )

The peasants rose in rebellion.

people rise in revolt (= start to take part in a revolt )

At a word from Gandhi, India would have risen in revolt.

phenomenal growth/rise/increase

California had experienced a phenomenal growth in population.

profits rise/increase/grow

Half of the firms surveyed expected profits to rise.

rise and fall

The rise and fall of the dancers’ bodies creates a pattern.

rise and fall (= period of success followed by failure )

the story of Napoleon’s rise and fall

rise to a challenge (= deal successfully with it )

It was a difficult project but we rose to the challenge.

rise to fame (= become famous )

She rose to fame during the early Sixties.

rise to power

The Roman emperor Vespasian rose to power through command of an army.

rise to/achieve/reach a rank ( also attain a rank formal )

He rose to the rank of colonel.

rise to/reach etc ... heights

He reached the dizzy heights of the national finals.

rise/emerge from obscurity (= to become well-known after not being known at all )

Harris received coaching and rose from obscurity to stardom.

rise/increase sharply

The value of early photographs has risen sharply in recent years.

risen against the dollar (= increased in value in relation to the dollar )

The pound has risen against the dollar .

risen from the ashes

The organization has risen from the ashes to become very successful.

rising damp

rising inflation

The country was hit by rising inflation.

rising/falling unemployment

Rising unemployment led to more crime.

Rose d'Or, the

rose hip

rose to a...crescendo

The shouting rose to a deafening crescendo .

rose window

sales increase/rise/grow/go up

Sales rose by 9% last year.

sb’s income rises/increases/goes up

They saw their income rise considerably over the next few years.

sb’s rise to power

The programme examines Saddam Hussein’s rise to power.

sb’s spirits rise/lift/soar (= they start feeling happier )

Her spirits rose as they left the ugliness of London behind.

sb’s voice rises (= becomes louder or higher )

Her voice rose in panic.

sb’s/sth’s rise to fame

Her rise to fame has been astonishingly rapid.

shares rise/go up (= their value increases )

The company’s shares rose 5.5p to 103p.

shoot/rise/zoom to stardom (= become famous very quickly )

Ellen shot to stardom as a model last year.

smoke rises

Smoke was rising from the top of the tower.

Steam rose

Steam rose from the hot tub.

stem the growth/rise/decline etc

an attempt to stem the decline in profits

the cost rises/goes up

The cost of electricity has risen again.

the moon rises ( also the moon comes up )

He watched the full moon come up over the trees.

the rising tide

The rising tide had begun to fill up the channel.

the rising/setting sun (= the sun as it appears/disappears )

The fields were ablaze with light from the setting sun.

the sun rises/comes up (= appears at the beginning of the day )

As the sun rises, the birds take flight.

the temperature rises

The temperature rose steadily throughout the morning.

the value of sth increases/rises

The value of the land had increased by $2m.

turnover rose/fell

Turnover rose 9%.

unemployment increases/rises

During their term in office unemployment increased by 50 percent.

wild mushroom/garlic/rose etc




We must endeavour to rise above , Wilson.

But instead of climbing to a tolerable 30 or 35, the thermometer never rose above 20.

Even in summer, the temperature rarely rises above freezing point.

Last week, the dollar rose above 105 yen.

A bitter wind scurried among the branches of the trees that rose above and behind the stark line of old-fashioned eagle cages.

Temperatures inevitably will rise above zero, she said.

The death toll could rise above 13 once heavy equipment is used to lift the carriages.

Water sent downstream rose above 62 degrees and killed thousands of tiny salmon.


The wind rose again , and again he tried to combine safety with dignity, thinking of the watchers below.

He was always brought back to life; he died and rose again .

It dipped after the Yom Kippur war, rising again to 51,000 in 1979.

When the cheering rose again , Eddie Peace and his companions once more registered their anger and disappointment.

Only then will he rise again to an entirely different life in the Reality which exists beyond thought.

At that point new infections can begin to rise again .

Como was defeated, but gradually rose again to prominence.

Stuart ran to it, flushing it, and the bird rose again to repeat the display.


But sales are now rising by about 50 percent a year as the idea loses its social taboo.

During the past decade, state expenditure on prisons has risen by nearly a third.

Cases of asthma and eczema are also rising by about 5 percent every year.

If profits are to regain their levels of the mid-1990s, its revenues need to rise by twice as much.

Currently wages are rising by about 7.5 p.c. perannum compared to price rises of about 4 p.c.

Average temperatures in the region have risen by about one degree celsius in the last 30 years.

Since February sterling has risen by over 5% against the D-mark.

Computer maker Dell saw its sales rise by nearly a third in the first three months of this year.


In Oxford, although the numbers of infected heterosexuals are low, they're rising dramatically .

The basic education level of the general population has risen dramatically in recent decades.

The number of people openly acknowledging their faith has risen dramatically in the past 10 years.

The incidence curve rose dramatically , and within just a few years this initial core quickly became saturated.

That is information I am passing on having received no illuminated address from manufacturers for helping peppermint sales to rise dramatically .

The number of charges and convictions for domestic violence rose dramatically .

I think that most people are interested in the fact that living standards under this Government have risen dramatically .

The 90 percent threshold was chosen because earlier censuses showed that per-person costs rose dramatically in tracking down the last 10 percent.


The revolution of 1905 saw Social Democracy become a truly mass movement, and Bolshevik influence rose rapidly .

On their return, both rapidly rose to positions of decisive importance in Church and State.

Both the assets and the liabilities of the personal sector have been rising rapidly over the past ten years.

All were great successes and his popularity as a writer rose rapidly .

From an initial 700 in the first season, bookings rose rapidly to 26,000 by 1931.

They met originally at a company orientation program, and subsequently the latter executive rose rapidly in the company.

Relative poverty, more markedly than absolute poverty, clearly rose rapidly throughout the 1970s.

Bo rose rapidly in the movement.


Along with Toyota, the securities, banking and communications sectors also rose sharply .

Meanwhile, stock prices of several investment banking firms rose sharply Thursday.

The scale of dental charges has risen sharply since the 1970s and now approaches the economic cost.

Enrollment had risen sharply during the war years, and school traditions reflected a country at war.

The numbers of people in mentally handicapped hospitals rose sharply from around 5,000 in 1918 to 50,000 by 1940.

As we will discover in Chapter 15, in recent years large Federal deficits have caused the public debt to rise sharply .

The share of total sterling lending to the private sector-households and businesses - has risen sharply .

The frequency of talking politics rises sharply from the primary to the secondary to the university levels in all five countries.


Between 1976 and 1983, he rose steadily through a series of promotions and posts in Air Force security.

Shares of the vitamin and nutrition products company have risen steadily since Robertson, Stephens&038;.

The number of divorcees remarrying in church has risen steadily since such weddings were sanctioned in 1981.

Morale, along with combat efficiency, had risen steadily .

Enrolments at both primary and secondary levels fell sharply in the early 1980s before beginning to rise steadily from 1984 onwards.

He has risen steadily in the estimation of his peers, to a position very near the top of his profession.

From that point on, the temperature inside the reactor began to rise steadily .


Nessie rose up , her heart fluttering.

There comes a time in every close game when a team has to rise up and make a stand.

In my dreams, memories of dead People rise up .

The people rise up , and dictators go down.

She stood, staring out at the pond and the dark Grove rising up the mountain behind it.

She was bloodless and the bones of her face had risen up against the fabric of her skin.

Another time, a photographer had ventured on to the reef that rose up from the sea at the far corner.

How was I to know but what the audience would rise up in mass and resent it?



Slowly and deliberately, he rose from his chair and picked up the piece of rope from the floor.

Margarett turned, smiled at her young man, and rose from the chair .

The slender figure rose from the chair , and flung back its veil.

Not simply because he is so stuffed and drunk that he can't rise up from his chair .

Emily rose from her chair and Eline knew that the meeting was over.

She rose , the chair tipped with the man's weight.

Suddenly, Holmes rose from his chair and emitted a ghastly cry.


And Charles noted with relief how Alex was rising to the challenge .

Rather than offer pure fantasy, the fashion gurus rose to the challenge of suggesting truly flattering, appropriate and stylish options.

The academic community was slower in rising to the challenge .

Of course, many princes rose to the challenge , but each lost his life in the quest.

Who will rise to the challenge ?

The flood was a second major story, and the staff rose to meet the challenge .

None the less, as a recent television documentary showed, women still rise to this challenge .

Whenever she could, she played with her brothers and rose to their challenges .


Since costs tend to rise inexorably, attempts to stabilize public spending have essentially meant cuts in actual services.

The government also considered the drop in drilling costs -- and rising output from the average gas discovery.

Budget costs would rise further, not fall.

Without them production costs would rise because farmworkers would have to be employed and paid.

It must negotiate a new steelworker contract this year and its benefit costs are expected to rise .

Their raw material and energy costs would rise , while being deprived of their previous government subsidies.

An Alcoa spokesman said costs generally rise when revenue increases.


The top 5 percent of working women have seen their earnings rise by a third over the past couple of decades.

Average earnings rose just 3 cents an hour.

Profits and earnings per share rose 17 percent and dividends to shareholders were up 10 percent.

Fourth-quarter earnings rose to 45 cents a share from 39 cents.

By 1990 motor insurance had kept in line with average earnings and risen to £223.

Bay Networks said fiscal second-quarter earnings rose because of strong sales of its computer-networking equipment.

But Vallance said if the above items were excluded, then earnings would actually have risen slightly.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based First Union earnings rose 21 percent, as higher fees offset sluggish lending profit.


She, of course, becomes agitated and it's so lovely to watch full ripe bosoms rise and fall !

Tax rates rise and fall , but the individual and the business are always treated differently.

Budget costs would rise further, not fall .

The wind blows through the long grasses and the grass seems to rise and fall in waves.

Whether it rises or falls will naturally affect taxation.

In other words, does Y rise or fall consistently as X rises?


Antony rose to his feet and stood gazing intensely at her.

In fact fans rose to their feet for his curtain call.

The elderly couple sitting in chairs on either side of the fireplace rose to their feet as we entered.

Inch said Wednesday as workers made last-minute preparations with the crane, which can rise 170 feet and lift 350 tons.

Then he, too, rose to his feet .

The cars turned toward the Alabama Hills, a small range of barren rises at the foot of the Sierra escarpment.

The dark area to the south-east of the Colorado/San Juan confluence is Navajo Mountain, which rises to 10388 feet .

Stiffly, reluctantly, she rose to her feet and began to sweep up the litter of broken china.


At one point the road suddenly curves and rises to the height of an eight-storey building.

At the head of the harbor the hills rose to a height of 120 feet.

The par-or-better rounds on Friday rose to the new heights of 54 and the average was further improved to 71.69.

One of the perennial streams that sometime rises to astonishing heights of activity is the Leonid shower.

The patrons rose to new heights of glee.

They are square in plan and rise sheer to varying heights without ornament, abutment and with few openings.

But his power of decision-making improved, and his gift of calming, persuasive oratory rose to its heights .

But that decline came hard on the heels of the mid-1980s, when prices rose to absurd heights .


For example, the marginal propensity to make bequests out of lifetime income may rise with the level of income.

Income from fees, or noninterest income, rose to $ 545. 3 million from $ 417 million.

The number of homes sold to median-to-high income earners rose while neighbourhood representatives expressed concern over the concentration of substandard property.

In an agricultural world, annual incomes rise and fall dramatically depending upon the weather.

In both cases, the incomes have risen substantially.

Noninterest income rose 14 % to $ 197. 3 million, excluding special items.

The first change was in the means test itself. Income levels rose , as did prices.

Lastly, incomes rose and food consumption habits changed.


The composite index rose 1.1 per cent to 411.98, with turnover significantly higher than Friday.

The Nikkei 300 index rose 0. 16 point, or 0. 05 percent, to 300. 89.

Zurich: The index rose 4.5 points to 1,194.3 on selective local and foreign buying.

The Wilshire 5000 Index rose 22. 19 to 5944. 20.

Group mean body mass index in hypertensive men rose from 28.4 to 29.4, and in controls from 26.4 to 27.4.

The Bloomberg Indiana Index has risen almost 17 percent since it was started in September 1994 with a base value of 100.

The Toronto Stock Exchange 300 composite index rose 62.14 points, or 0.7 %, to 8778.54.

Altera Corp. was the second-biggest gainer on the index , rising 16 percent since Monday.


On command, a wave of tube inflation rises up the tights from ankle to thigh, squeezing the vein-blood in front of it.

Second, bonds, despite their fixed income status, lose value if inflation is expected to rise .

But take away the effect of the new council tax and underlying inflation has risen slightly.

Five years ago, for example, it was assumed that if unemployment fell below 6 percent, inflation would rise .

But this is not what happened in the early seventies. Inflation rose steadily from the mid-1960s.

By 1973 the average annual inflation rate had risen to 7.8 percent.

Non-pay items such as drugs and equipment have been running above 7 percent as inflation generally has risen .


It may well be that there is a strong market view that interest rates will rise shortly.

But then short-term interest rates rose unexpectedly, and customers shifted money from low-interest savings accounts to high-interest deposit accounts.

When interest rates rise , the market value of zero coupon bonds fall more than regular bonds that pay interest periodically.

A balance up to £999 earns 0.5 per cent interest , rising to 3.55 per cent on more than £10,000.

Mr Ricchiuto predicts long-term interest rates will rise through the 7 % level this year.


Wage levels have risen and the absorptive capacity of industry has decreased.

If the general level of interest rates rises after issue, then the market price of the bond will fall.

If the price level should rise , the real wage would fall, creating an excess demand for labour.

The sea level will rise by about 14 inches instead of 39. -AP.

It gave up when the audience level never rose .

Nitrogen dioxide levels in central London rose by 40 percent between 1979 and 1989.

People chattering, doors opening and closing, loud male greetings, the level of noise rising .


By 1990 the cordless drill's market share had risen to 27 percent.

With a minimal investment, investors can bet whether almost the entire market will rise or fall.

When the property market was rising every day a slick operator could buy and sell again without much risk.

Profits from developed markets rose to $ 214 million from $ 211 million in the 1994 quarter.

These markets often rise and fall in line with the enthusiasm of foreign investors.

The shares bucked the market trend, rising one penny to 491p.

Profits from developed markets rose to $ $ 214 million from $ 211 million last year.


Capacity of the corridor is initially put at 10 million tonnes a year, rising to 30 million in the future.

Transaction processing profits rose to $ 23 million from $ 21 million.

The department expects that total to rise to 16 million in the next five years.

Volume rose to 596 million shares, up from a six-month average of 422 million shares a day.

Retail banking profits rose to $ 137 million from $ 120 million.

Noninterest revenue, led by securities trading and credit card fees, rose to $ 958 million from $ 815 million.

Other operating revenue rose to $ 551 million from $ 492 million, led by a surge in trading.

Trading revenue rose to $ 164 million from $ 77 million, on higher bond trading and underwriting fees.


Which means that even the most delicate of dishes will rise to the occasion .

Too many leaders, motivated by self-interest, had failed to rise to the occasion .

As I say, it is the chorus which too often fails to rise to the occasion .

Bench strength could be suspect, but it has risen to the occasion the past two playoff runs.

Sunderland again rose to the occasion against better opposition and just about deserved to get the points to ease their relegation worries considerably.

No doubt when money is required in the future Long Riston residents will rise to the occasion once more.

Devastated by her husband's death, she was uncertain she could rise to the occasion .

Yet they rose to the occasion .


The yield on the five-year 5. 875 percent note rose 7 basis points to 4. 64 percent.

Five years ago, for example, it was assumed that if unemployment fell below 6 percent , inflation would rise .

Not only are schools failing, but the national dropout rate is now over twenty percent and rising .

The going rate for Edwards's 50 percent has risen rapidly since the affair began in August with Knighton's £10m offer.

Lloyds reported fiscal 1995 sales of 1. 08 billion pounds, a 15. 1 percent rise over the year earlier.

Discounts of up to 50 percent , rising as the sale progresses.


The Dow Jones industrial average rose 9.68 points to 3,514.69.

The yield on the five-year 5. 875 percent note rose 7 basis points to 4. 64 percent.

The Toronto Stock Exchange 300 composite index rose 62.14 points , or 0.7 %, to 8778.54.

The Commodity Research Bureau index rose 1. 23 points to 240. 21.

Dust and smoke could be seen rising from several points .

The benchmark 5-year sterling swap spread rose 7 basis points to 42 basis points.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 1.11 points to 3,511.65.

Stocks were also higher as the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 32. 16 points to close at 5065. 10.


However, over the period of the relocation programme, house prices rose considerably.

In Brussels, prices rose , after late buying of baskets of shares overcame profit-taking.

The price of bread rose steeply.

Consumer prices rose 2. 15 percent in the second half of December from the previous two weeks.

House prices in Britain rose by 2.6 % in December-an annualised rate of more than 30 %.

Not only is production expanding rapidly as foreign mining outfits plunge in, world coal prices have been rising .

As wages declined, less money was available for purchasing inessential goods, so the prices of these would rise less steeply.

The logic with margin is that you can leverage your assets to buy additional securities and increase your profits if prices rise .


Owing to reclamation, technological improvements and urbanization, agricultural productivity and the level of production rose during the period.

Total copper production rose 5 percent because of higher ore grades at and increased output at Escondida.

Without them production costs would rise because farmworkers would have to be employed and paid.

Last month, reports showed industrial production rose 1. 3 percent in November from the month before.

But both the production and Fiennes rise superbly to the spectacle of Edward's decline.

Declining global production and rising demand drove prices higher.

The neutron production rate appeared to rise after about an hour of electrolysis and then dropped dramatically after eight hours.

Copper production is expected to rise amid expansions at mines owned by Codelco, Phelps Dodge and other large producers.


In the year to 30 September, profit before tax rose by 65% to £54.5m at Securicor.

Pre-tax profits rose 236.3% to £1.2m, although turnover fell 14.6% to £24m due to the disposal of non-profitable activities.

Transaction processing profits rose to $ 23 million from $ 21 million.

East Midlands Electricity added 1p to 408p after generating a 23% profits rise to £30.3m.

Then, around 1900, when profits rose but wages fell, the period was called the Belle Epoque.

Morland has also issued new profit forecasts today showing that next year it expects pre-tax profits to rise by twenty-eight percent.

Operating profit rose as a percentage of sales to 17. 0 percent from 16. 5 percent.


Como was defeated, but gradually rose again to prominence .

Aside from its ascendency as an ecumenical center, Hanover was also rising to political prominence .

Though their long history from the early Cambrian to the present different groups of articulate brachiopods rose to prominence only to decline.

Together, they showcase his combustible bop chops and sublime ballad skills, as well as his meteoric rise to prominence .

Wei first rose to prominence during the brief 1978-79 interlude of free speech known as the Democracy Wall movement.

Born into poverty, Jimenez never forgot his origins as he rose to prominence in the church.

But it was as a leader of the unemployed that Hannington rose to national prominence .

She married Jose in 1963 and played an important supporting role as he rose to prominence in the business world.


The Bank does not provide assistance and interest rates could rise very high indeed.

The mortality rate then rises , so that few will survive to L3.

But then short-term interest rates rose unexpectedly, and customers shifted money from low-interest savings accounts to high-interest deposit accounts.

High school graduation rates rose from around 13 percent in 1913 to almost 50 percent by 1940.

However, at constant exchange rates , sales rose only 4%.


However analysts note that revenue from commission rose to 537.4m euros.

For the full year, the company expects revenue to have risen about 16 %.

Exhibition revenue rose 7 % and continued to benefit from the medium's effectiveness in bringing buyers and sellers together.

Annual revenue rose 9. 1 percent to $ 9. 085 billion from $ 8. 325 billion.

The projected deficit reduction depended on government revenue rising 22 percent in 1989, and on spending increasing by only 15 percent.

Services revenue rose to $ 4. 09 billion from $ 3. 28 billion.

Trading revenue rose to $ 164 million from $ 77 million.

He believes revenue rose 42 % to $ 2. 1 billion from $ 1. 48 billion.


But sales are now rising by about 50 percent a year as the idea loses its social taboo.

Without Gerber, nutrition sales rose 7 percent, Sandoz said.

Diesel sales continued to rise with more than 41 % of all Mercedes-Benz cars now equipped with diesel engines.

Neupogen sales rose 13 percent to $ 936 million from $ 829 million.

Woolworth's sales rose 5.7 percent and operating profits, by 9 percent to £77.8 million.

Excluding acquisitions, sales would have risen 6 percent in local currencies, Breu said.


Earnings per share rose from 1.4p to 2p, though turnover dropped from £209.7 million to £174 million.

The Class A shares rose 3 / 4 to 40 5 / 8.

Turnover climbed from £187.2 million to £204.5 million, while earnings per share rose from 5.8p to 6.5p.

Sallie Mae shares rose 5 1 / 4 to 70 1 / 4, the highest since Dec. 5.

Earnings per share rose by 23.1% to 4.8 pence.

Emerson Electric Co. shares rose 7 / 8, or 1. 1 percent, to 79 3 / 4.

The stock market has no inkling a big stake is being amassed, so the target's share price need not rise .

Gentex Corp. shares rose 1 1 / 2, or 6. 6 percent, to 24 1 / 8.


The price of bellwether stocks has risen 50-80 percent in the past two months.

This news sent stock markets rising after serious losses over recent days due to fears that the President could face impeachment proceedings.

The stock rose just 15 percent in the nine months before the announcement.

Initially, leading world stock markets rose strongly following the rate cut.

Its stock rose 2 3 / 8, or 12 percent, to 22 1 / 8.

Preferred stock in Telebras rose 1. 9 reais to 52. 9.


As the sun rose higher in the sky the shadow shortened until noon, when it disappeared at the sixth hour mark.

On came Achilles, glorious as the sun when he rises .

The sun had risen above a bank of puffy blue clouds that lay along the horizon.

The sun has half risen in that time and it lights up the fabric of the yellow shirt like stained glass.

Each day the sun rose later and weaker and with it her strength too seemed to ebb.

Sales rose 55 percent to $ 96 million. Sun rose 3 to 44 7 / 8.

When the sun rose we did all the necessary and then noticed this cat only had one eye.

The sun would not rise for five hours yet.


At about a kilometre's range the whales' blow looked like small globular puffs of steam rising off the sea surface .

Hot magma from the mantle would rise to the surface to fill in the crack.

The police kept up their enquiries and one or two likely candidates rose to the surface , but nothing was clearly actionable.

Simmer slowly for 30 minutes, skimming any fat that rises to surface .

Dense tufts of pea-green underwater foliage, rising to the surface during the summer and affording shelter for fish and their fry.

Now they were bloated bodies rising to the surface just in time to give the serial killer away.

BSigns of withdrawal have risen to the surface .

Meanwhile the nation's uneasy racial past continues to rise noisily to the surface .


He placed his unfinished cigar in the ash tray and rose from the table , leaving his brandy untouched.

My father rose and left the table .

At one point, Joan rose from the table and went to the ladies' room.

The preacher pushed his plate away and Lottie rose to clear the table .

Thin layers rise on tables and shelves.

Romanov rose from the table and without bothering to offer an explanation strode out of the room and headed straight for the lift.


During the brief period of open water in summer temperatures rise 2-3°C in the upper 10 m layer.

The water temperature had risen slightly, and for a few days we even saw an occasional flying fish.

But as the temperature of the material rises thermal vibrations cause the pairs to break apart and superconducting ceases.

Pass the sriracha, please, and maybe a couple of those heartburn pills. Temperature rising .

By six-thirty it was hot, with the temperature still rising .

All you had to do was wait for the temperature to rise about 20 degrees.

The scientists also believe that temperatures could rise far higher and faster than previously predicted if emissions are not curtailed.

Remember that the temperature continues to rise after the bird is removed from the oven.


These curious drum-shaped clay objects characteristically have two perforations on one side and two or three stalks rising from the top .

All have risen to the top because leaders are made, and made by themselves.

The wax melted, and rose to the top .

Dole rose to the top of the Republican Party by unusual means: He repeatedly failed to win national office.

I followed the road as it rose up towards the top of the wolds.

Spaced evenly from the bottom up, concentric rings of black crow feathers rise to the top of the cairn.

Spread the top level and bake for 30-40 mins or until well risen and the top is golden brown.

It sort of migrated upward, like cream rising to the top .


The group's turnover rose from £8.1 million to £9.66 million and a final dividend of 9p a share was declared.

Tay's earnings per share slumped from 5.5p to 3.04p, though turnover rose from almost £25.5 million to £27.2 million.

It made £818,000 before tax in 1992 on turnover which rose from £12.3 million to £13 million.


Long-term unemployment rose in all regions compared with a year ago.

But they have been reawakened by a pummeled currency and stock market, business collapses, soaring unemployment and rising consumer prices.

Open unemployment rose from 7 percent to 11.5 percent between 1980 and 1984.

At the same time unemployment has risen to new levels for the post-war years and continues to remain high.

Economic experts predicted that the unemployment rate would rise to over 1,000,000 by 1991.

As we have seen, unemployment has risen steeply in Britain in recent years.

Immediately after the war the government mismanaged the discharge of servicemen back into civilian life, and unemployment rose rapidly.

How can he believe that the fear of unemployment will go away while unemployment has continued to rise ?


Their voices rose , pure and distinct in the clear air as they laughed and shouted to each other.

You may even have sung in a church choir, helping voices rise in spiritual exultation before trading in your satiny robe.

Their voices were rising in a strong chorus in his ears.

Their voices rise high in anger and pain.

Children's voices rose sharp and distant from the dark winter garden.

Mavis said, her voice rising , the rain suddenly louder as the back door opened and closed.

When she saw Goldman, her voice rose above Helen's.

Another voice , another man's voice rose louder in agony from the dreadful screaming and echoed plainly in the reception area.



As the pace began to quicken and the complicated threads of the chant began to rise Rincewind found himself watching fascinated.

Daytime begins when the sun rises .

Unemployment began to rise in the autumn of 1973.

It's the ultimate summer dish that's perfect for when the thermometer begins to rise .

The content of standing order lists should be regularly reviewed, especially when their percentage of the total expenditure begins to rise .

At that point new infections can begin to rise again.

Once, however, the child population began to rise , a new population question arose.

In most healthy individuals body temperature begins to rise during the last few hours of sleep just before they awaken.


But the company insists that property profits will probably continue to rise as it buys and sells assets to reshape its business.

They spend ever more on police and prisons, yet crime rates continue to rise .

Diesel sales continued to rise with more than 41 % of all Mercedes-Benz cars now equipped with diesel engines.

Meanwhile, the Labor report also said that the number of payroll jobs continued to rise strongly last month.

The continued widespread rise of urban obesity.

It is then put in a walk-in cooler set at 40 F., where at first it continues to rise .

Subsidence claims showed marked decline, but theft claims continue to rise .

This means that spending continues to rise , but at a slower pace than had been previously planned.


Certainly prices can be expected to rise somewhat.

For the full year, the company expects revenue to have risen about 16 %.

But sterling's recent weakness has disappointed those who expected it to rise sharply against the D-mark this year.

With Income and hence the transactions demand for money rising less than wealth, one would expect time deposits to rise.

The Hindu of May 20 reported that the death toll in the coastal districts had reached 817 and was expected to rise .

Analysts had expected hardware sales to rise as much as 18 percent to $ 12. 5 billion.

Morland has also issued new profit forecasts today showing that next year it expects pre-tax profits to rise by twenty-eight percent.

Chief Executive Dietrich Karner said he expects premium income to rise nearly 2 percent this year.


feel your gorge rise

Wendy and I felt our gorge rise, and simply could not eat.

get/jump/rise etc to your feet

Antony rose to his feet and stood gazing intensely at her.

He got to his feet , did a 365-degree scan, and moved on.

Kay McGovern rose to his feet , cheering appreciatively when the performance ended.

The three men turned, facing it, Kao Chen getting to his feet .

They got to their feet and consulted; then they disappeared.

Zeinab rose to her feet and swept out of the box.

rise like a phoenix from the ashes

rise to the bait

But she clamped her lips together and didn't rise to the bait .

But she never rose to the bait .

Do you rise to the bait ?

He was a real showman, and however he was feeling, he always rose to the bait of a captive audience!

I felt I was arguing on behalf of myself and the other two, who never rose to the bait .

She could rage till she fell down in a fit, but he wouldn't rise to the bait .

She was concentrating too intently to rise to the bait .

They rose to the bait and decided they needed to prove a point, putting together their nine-piece Bootsy Collins-featuring live band.

rise/come back/return from the dead

A few weeks later Patrick Ashby came back from the dead and went home to inherit the family house and fortune.

Friends don't come back from the dead , Leila thought, rampaging through the corridor from the canteen.

The single engine airplane business came back from the dead after the General Aviation Revitalization Act made it harder to sue.

When Cardiff had come back from the dead , he had shrunk away back down the hessian-screen corridor towards Rohmer.

sb's hackles rise

the rising generation


A full moon rose over the valley.

A slim crescent of moon rose in the sky.

A stream of water rose into the air, arched smoothly, and fell back into the pool.

A strong wind rose off the coast of Florida.

Audience members rose to their feet, cheering and clapping.

Beat the mixture until large bubbles rise to the surface.

Borland rose to the top of the computer software industry by a mixture of innovation and good marketing.

By midday the sun had risen high in the sky and was burning down on us.

Clouds of smoke rose up into the air.

early to bed, early to rise

Everyone rose and followed him into the dining room.

Flood waters are still rising in parts of Missouri.

Floodwaters continue to rise as the rain continues to fall.

Her voice rose with an anger that had built up over months.

Hobson's novel has risen steadily up the bestseller list since it's release last August.

Hot air rises.

In 1956 the river rose to a height of more than 6 metres.

Our newest ride rises 320 feet into the air.

Public anxiety about the economy was rising.

She touched the cup and felt steam rise up from it.


A barrier had risen where no barrier had been before.

A tiny, half-formed thought rose at the back of Marion's mind.

New applications and new accounts rose just as dramatically.

The Agriculture Minister, Nick Brown, said the number waiting to be culled had risen to 478,000.

The man who had risen from political mediocrity by identifying with Adlai Stevenson, Sen.

Thus, we could forecast that the prevalence curve was rising less steeply and would peak around 1988-9.

II. noun




But overall the biggest rise in working wives has been towards the top end of the income scale.

Stocks then rebounded Tuesday, with a 337-point gain, its biggest one-day rise in history.

But again the biggest percentage rises hit the south east, London, the south west and East Anglia.

It was the biggest rise since an identical 3. 8 percent jump in 1990.

As a result, a small increase in local spending will translate into a big rise in council tax.

The latest official figures show a big rise in the amount of money in the economy.


There's been a dramatic rise in share prices.

Private agencies that supply nurse's aides report a dramatic rise in requests from patients in hospital in the past few years.

Record surge A DRAMATIC rise in sales helped the crushing and screening equipment producer Powerscreen International to record profits.

However, other demutualisation shares, such as Alliance &038; Leicester and Northern Rock, have not shown a particularly dramatic rise .

This has meant a dramatic rise in food prices which have resulted in families being forced into debt.

The increased use of computers has led to a dramatic rise in the production of paper records.

And the dramatic rise in popularity of some makes is sensational - such as Nissan, whose sales increase is more than 3,000 percent.

But sales of mopeds for the year to date show the most dramatic rise .


But the high-rises were never as good as they should have been.

Traditional housing authorities still offer an identical apartment in a cluster of identical high rises .

In the rest of Seoul it's often high-rises and nasty modern buildings that have taken over.

They design wonderful housing schemes for us to live in. High rise .

How about life in the Westway high rises .

The cane furniture, silver framed pictures, and extravagant, wall-mounted lighting seemed out of place in this shoddy high rise .

People in the south are suffering the highest rise in unemployment, biggest rise in repossessions, and highest levels of debt.

You had lots of slides of the high-rises in Glasgow and that.


This is not a meteoric rise and fall.

With that performance, her meteoric rise from ballet dancer to actress was complete.

Officer remuneration has enjoyed an even more meteoric rise .

The meteoric rise in the popularity of Modern Art left my position at Sotheby's much undermined.

But then injury cut short his meteoric rise .

Equally though, nobody could possibly visualise the meteoric rise that lay ahead.


If there is surprise among outsiders at his rapid rise , within the bank it is seen as totally predictable.

He had speculated, with good reason, on the rapid rise of the shares.

Her rapid rise to the top is well deserved and she does not suffer from having political labels stuck on her.

Underscoring the rapid rise of the group, Internet stocks are not yet measured by the Dow Jones industry groups.

The iceberg is the result of a rapid rise in vehicle theft by young persons which goes back some time.

This would explain the rapid rise to maturity of the likes of Marshall, Patterson and Ambrose.

Her rapid rise from sweatshop worker to society portraitist is miraculous, not to say incredible.


Asbestosis takes at least 30 years to develop and Chester Street has faced a significant recent rise in the number of claims.

Brokers said the recent rise in those three stocks has prompted foreign investors to look for cheaper stocks with robust earnings prospects.

This inpart reflects the recent very rapid rise in interest-bearing sterling deposits, due to high real interest rates.

You may also be able to refer back to a recent rise in merit pay or bonus in your response.

The recent sharp rise in the number of unemployed people is also taken into account.

Mr. Patten I agree with the hon. Gentleman about the recent rise in the number of crimes involving firearms.

Dissatisfaction will worsen as the full effects of recent massive price rises are felt.

The Windscale site had begun to achieve a bad reputation well before its recent rise to national prominence under a new title.


The shock statistics reveal a sharp rise in drug abuse of all kinds among teenagers over the past two years.

Several forces have also seen very sharp rises in attempted murders.

A sharp rise in tension was reported in the city.

However, its wholesale introduction would mean a sharp rise in prices.

The immediate effect was a sharp rise in prices, but inflation then came under control.

The sharp rise last spring led to the average price of diesel fuel rising by 14 % between 1999 and 2000.

There, a sharp rise in interest rates popped the market's speculative bubble.

Rise in long-term unemployment There's been a sharp rise in the number of people out of work for more than a year.


He has already triggered a steep rise in transfer market prices by proving such a bargain at £2.5 million.

Set back from the road on quite a steep rise was a new ranch-style house.

Ratios should be spaced so on changing up, the engine operates in the area of steep torque rise .



And who wants spotty people deciding anyone's pay rise ?

Directors gave themselves an average five percent pay rise in the past year, according to a survey yesterday.

At 13 she took a weekend job with a local paper and promptly demanded a pay rise .

Funding the pay rise will be more difficult and we fear that hard-pressed services will suffer further.

On March 17, a further decree announced improved material provision for servicemen, including pay rises and housing.

This was just a little added bonus - Alan also received a 27 percent pay rise .

I hope that the people who have awarded themselves excessive pay rises will hear that from me and the hon. Gentleman.


However, the fall was due more to commodity price rises and the strength of the dollar than any concerted national effort.

Adjusting for quality improvements or consumer substitutions when prices rise is no doubt technically challenging.

The devaluation and the cuts in subsidies resulted in price rises of between 100 and 120 percent.

The oil price rise worsened profitability and reduced demand.

The above account of the effects of the oil price rise applies to the system as a whole.

Currently wages are rising by about 7.5 p.c. perannum compared to price rises of about 4 p.c.

After the oil price rise , this dropped to 13 percent in 1975-76.

Market specialists said yesterday's price rises were exacerbated by a shortage of stock in many leading companies.


Those who doubt that might remember the rate rise of Labour-controlled Ealing council of 57 percent. in 1987.

It followed two huge interest rate rises of first two percent, then another three.

But if tensions mount and interest rates rise , the cost of non-interest-bearing deposits would rise in parallel.

And the new interest rate rise could wipe out retail businesses who have cut profit margins to the bone to survive.

Labour moderates propose a 56% rate rise , with £5.6m of cuts.

Money markets fear a half point base rate rise on a Tory defeat.

You are protected against rate rises but will be entitled to take advantage of any decreases in rates.

If mortgage rates rise , homeowners should look to blame Lisbon rather than Halifax.


Since the temperature rise is usually small the temperature must be measured accurately.

The enzyme is active between 130-F and 160-F and is inactivated as temperature rises during cooking.

Some of this increase can be attributed to the evaporation of remaining nitric acid from the condensed phase as temperatures rise .

The liquid is burnt in a plentiful supply of air and the temperature rise in the surrounding water bath is measured.

Eventually the internal pressure and temperature rise sufficiently for thermonuclear fusion to begin.

The average temperature rise over all areas was 0.59 degrees.

As this temperature rise occurs after ovulation has already taken place, it can not predict ovulation in advance.


So faster wage rises were needed if the system was to function smoothly.

Economic unrest Workers at coal and copper mines went on strike during late July, demanding wage rises and improved conditions.

A 50 percent wage rise was also decreed for most civil servants.

Keynesianism seemed to have banished mass unemployment for ever and wage rises seemed as natural and regular as the tides.

The return to work settlement included a bonus of 15 percent on top of a wage rise of 59 percent.

The total wage rise of 6.25% built into the 1990-91 accord looks too high.

Also obtain details of any wage rises awarded during the third party's absence from work.



This would cause a rise in the money wage and so restore full employment.

The blackouts also disrupted gasoline and diesel supplies, causing a rise in wholesale prices.

This will cause a rise in demand for exports and a fall in demand for imports. 4.

Cold weather caused temporary rise in energy prices.

This will cause a multiplied rise in national income.

Addition of solute causes a rise in tonicity with stimulation of both thirst and antidiuretic hormone release.

Sugar is positively detrimental to bodybuilding due to the fact that it causes a rise in insulin levels.

Manufacturers had complained that the new regulation would cause a substantial rise in their costs.


The brief seizures described by During and Spencer would not, however, be expected to give rise to nerve cell death.

Most forecasters expect only a small rise in profits this year, which could limit any further rise in stock prices.

Medium-sized practices of six to 10 staff are the least optimistic with only six percent expecting a rise .

As a consequence, the expected rise in capital-labor ratios did not occur.

He has lifted his profits forecast for this year slightly to £950 million and expects a 15 percent rise in the dividend.

Analysts had expected a rise of about 1. 5 percent.

House broker County NatWest expects a 36 p.c. rise to £14.4m pre-tax for 1991 and sees £19.3m as attainable this year.


Since then those lines have been undergoing separate evolution, giving rise to yet further, more recent branches.

The six neighbors give rise to a new measure, the coordination number.

Scientific breakthroughs made this seem possible and gave rise to the Green Revolution.

This gave rise to War Communism.

This can give rise to some difficult problems.

They would also give rise to a smaller Schwarzschild mass parameter, and hence greater curvature on the horizon.

This condition normally gives rise to severe swelling, known as oedema, in various parts of the body.


Moreover, the resulting decline in council housing has begun to lead to the rise of the ghetto.

Circulating glucose remains in the blood, leading to a rise in blood sugar.

So why has it not led to a rise in conviction rates?

Here again, dilution is impaired, but reduction of water intake below output will lead to a rise in serum tonicity.

All studies assume that unchanged policies will lead to a rise in carbon-dioxide output.

The increased use of computers has led to a dramatic rise in the production of paper records.

Indeed, it does not lead to a rise in output at all, but to a fall.

In January 1990 delays in Soviet grain deliveries had led to price rises and the tighter rationing of basic foodstuffs.


Inland Revenue figures show a rise of nearly 10% a year in the post-tax value of bequests in the 1980s.

Calculated in the currencies where Sandoz generates its revenue, sales showed a 14 percent rise .

As recent history has shown , a sudden rise in orders does not necessarily herald an immediate and sharp rise in output.

A report published earlier today showed an unexpected rise in retail sales in November.

The filings also show a rise in the sale of shares by executives shortly before their departure.

Although figures show a clear rise in the number of people using mediation, the overall take-up remains relatively low.

Invisible receipts from tourism have shown a steady rise over recent years from 2.97 billion in 1981.

Both the 1997 Glenigan and government figures for contract awards and orders show a significant rise in work won.


Global warming is responsible for a rise of 7 degrees Celsius in just over 50 years.

IT specialists rang up an average pay rise of 312% last year.

Tenants face a 60% rent rise .

The committee will investigate the rise in the number of hospital admissions.

The pension will increase in line with the rise in prices.

The prime minister is considering substantial tax rises.

This year a disappointingly small rise in pass rates.

We topped the rise and saw the spread of land below us.


Despite his wonderfully unattractive and humourless appearance, his exotic origins none the less gave rise to an extraordinary rumour.

Jealous because Mellor, just 43, has enjoyed a remarkable rise - and not just because of that friendship.

State-owned enterprises are believed to face pressures to select profit-reducing choices where, for example, price rises are politically sensitive.

The rise of credit derivatives makes it difficult to determine which banks are exposed to a particular risk.

The charges for prescriptions have seen the sharpest rise - an increase of no less than 1,425 percent between 1979 and 1990.

The mineworkers had been on strike since Nov. 30, demanding pay rises of 300-600 percent.

The spectacular rise to power throughout the 1920s suddenly came to a halt, betrayed by the leaders who had inspired it.

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