Meaning of DEFILE in English


~ 1 [ dɪ'fʌɪl ]

■ verb sully, mar, or spoil.

↘desecrate or profane (something sacred).

↘ archaic rape or sexually assault (a woman).


~ment noun

~r noun


ME: alt. of obs. defoul , from OFr. defouler 'trample down', influenced by obs. befile 'befoul, ~'.


~ 2 [ dɪ'fʌɪl ]

■ noun also 'di:fʌɪl a steep-sided narrow gorge or passage (originally one requiring troops to march in single file).

■ verb archaic (of troops) march in single file.


C17: from Fr. défilé (n.), défiler (v.), from dé 'away from' + file 'column, file'.

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