Meaning of DEFILE in English



1. make dirty; pollute, befoul.

2 corrupt.

3 desecrate, profane.

4 deprive (esp. a woman) of virginity.

5 make ceremonially unclean.


defilement n. defiler n.

Etymology: ME defoul f. OF defouler trample down, outrage (as DE-, fouler tread, trample) altered after obs. befile f. OE befylan (BE-, ful FOUL) 2. n. & v.

--n. also 1 a narrow way through which troops can only march in file.

2 a gorge.

--v.intr. march in file.

Etymology: F d{eacute}filer and d{eacute}fil{eacute} past part. (as DE-, FILE(2))

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