Meaning of DEFILE in English



Pronunciation: di- ' f ī (- ə )l, d ē -

Function: transitive verb

Inflected Form: de · filed ; de · fil · ing

Etymology: Middle English, alteration (influenced by filen to defile, from Old English fy ̄ lan ) of defoilen to trample, defile, from Anglo-French defoiller, defuler, to trample, from de- + fuller, foller to trample, literally, to full ― more at FULL

Date: 14th century

: to make unclean or impure: as a : to corrupt the purity or perfection of : DEBASE <the countryside defiled by billboards> b : to violate the chastity of : DEFLOWER c : to make physically unclean especially with something unpleasant or contaminating <boots defiled with blood> d : to violate the sanctity of : DESECRATE < defile a sanctuary> e : SULLY , DISHONOR

synonyms see CONTAMINATE

– de · file · ment \ - ' f ī (- ə )l-m ə nt \ noun

– de · fil · er \ - ' f ī -l ə r \ noun

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