Meaning of DEFILE in English


[de.file] vt de.filed ; [ME, alter. (influenced by OE fylan to defile) of defoulen to trample, defile, fr. OF defouler to trample, fr. de- + fouler to trample, lit., to full--more at full] (14c): to make unclean or impure: as a: to corrupt the purity or perfection of: debase "the countryside defiled by billboards" b: to violate the chastity of: deflower c: to make physically unclean esp. with something unpleasant or contaminating "boots defiled with blood" d: to violate the sanctity of: desecrate "~ a sanctuary" e: sully, dishonor syn see contaminate -- de.file.ment n -- n

[2]de.file n [F defile, fr. pp. of defiler] (1685): a narrow passage or gorge [3]de.file vi de.filed ; [F defiler, fr. de- de- + filer to move in a column--more at file] (1705): to march off in a line

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