Meaning of LOAD in English


■ noun

1》 a heavy or bulky thing that is being carried or is about to be carried.

↘[in combination ] the total number or amount that can be carried in a vehicle or container: a car~ of people.

2》 a weight or source of pressure.

↘the amount of work to be done by a person or machine.

↘a burden of responsibility, worry, or grief.

3》 ( a ~ of ) informal a lot of.

↘( a ~/~s ) plenty.

4》 the amount of power supplied by a source.

↘the resistance of moving parts to be overcome by a motor.

↘ Electronics an impedance or circuit that receives or develops the output of a transistor or other device.

■ verb

1》 put a ~ on or in (a vehicle, ship, etc.).

↘(of a ship or vehicle) take on a ~.

2》 make (someone or something) carry or hold a large amount of heavy things.

↘( ~ someone/thing with ) supply with (something) in overwhelming abundance or to excess.

3》 insert (something) into a device so that it will operate.

↘charge (a firearm) with ammunition.

4》 bias towards a particular outcome.


get a ~ of informal used to draw attention to someone or something.

get (or have ) a ~ on US informal become drunk.

~ the bases Baseball have base runners on all three bases.

~ the dice against (or in favour of ) put at a disadvantage (or advantage).


OE lād 'journey, conveyance', of Gmc origin: related to lead 1 ; cf. lode .

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