Meaning of LOAD in English

I. noun


a load of codswallop

What a load of codswallop !

a load of laundry (= an amount that fits in a washing machine )

I do at least one or two loads of laundry every day.

a load of nonsense informal (= things that are completely untrue )

What she told you was a load of nonsense. Mark doesn’t drink at all.

a load of old bollocks

She’s just talking a load of old bollocks .

a load of rubbish

That’s a load of rubbish .

a load of...cobblers

I’ve never heard such a load of old cobblers !

carbo loading

lighten the load/burden/workload

We should hire another secretary to lighten Barbara’s workload.

load a camera (= put a film in it )

I had loaded my camera with a black and white film.

load a file (= put a file onto a computer )

Double-click on the icon and it will load the zip file onto your computer.

load of bullshit

What he told me was a load of bullshit .

loading bay

load/install a program (= put it on your computer )

Is that program installed on your computer?

load/install software

Don't let your kids load pirated games software onto your machine.

load/pile of crap ( also bunch of crap American English )

The game was a load of crap.

load/pile of crap ( also bunch of crap American English )

That’s a bunch of crap! I never said that.

He came out with a load of crap about how he’d tried to call me yesterday.

piece/pile/load etc of shit




The Journal now has a completely new look, with bigger pages and loads of colour.

When you eat a big load of sugar, your blood sugar levels rise.

At the end of the street, there's this big square with loads of people in it.

The 5,000 tons of coal is one of the biggest loads ever to be brought into Sharpness docks.

The same procedure is followed on the second and top wires, the latter taking a bigger load than the first two.

I can remember as a small child Daddy coming back from Barnard Castle with big loads on his bicycle.

Over several weekends I humped big loads , all over 40 pounds, and actually became very fond of this pack.


Pollution Targets and Critical Loads Critical loads mark the limit of nature's ability to tolerate acid rain.

Stockholm target was an early definition of a critical load .

The target reductions required to bring sulphur pollution below the critical loads will vary according to present pollution.


Water quality would not be improved because of the extra load on the system, which defeats the object.

Any extra load on the tail will help to increase its resistance to moving sideways and so help prevent a serious swing.

It also makes sure that the extra load of the solenoid valve does not cause problems due to sudden voltage drops.

This extra load would have badly affected telephone response time if the two functions had not been separated.

In the late 1950s, however, his Office was still very small and not equipped to take on the extra load .


Two full lorry loads of milk go into some of the bigger supermarkets every day.

Frye was expounding on the dangers of holding down a job while taking a full load of courses.

Which aircraft have we got and can it take two crew and a full load of fuel?

Both reactors are now operating at full load .

And the days of trying to decide of you have half or full load to wash are gone.

Bennett always insisted that we had to carry a full load of the hurtful.


With two of Athene's editorial staff off sick, a heavier load was falling on the shoulders of those remaining.

It is natural for some people to carry a slightly heavier load because of ability, experience, motivation or pride.

General practitioners have had to bear a much heavier load than even the most pessimistic were expecting.

The 20-year-old was burdened with a far heavier load during those pre- dawn hours.

Would they be able to lift this heavier load ?


All these men were encumbered with their heavy loads and had only automatic pistols.

Think of it-three jobs-that is a heavy load to bear.

One day he collapses while pulling a heavy load .

As they do so, be sure they notice the weights on the crane which balance the heavy loads .

If you have to carry a heavy load , divide the weight between two bags.

Then she laid this heavy load on me that she was concerned about my ability to work with the team.

Whenever you pick up a heavy load , bend both legs.

Ants know how to carry heavy loads .


It's got this great high roof and loads of trains.

But they are overwhelmed by bureaucratic regulations and by their inordinately high case loads .

Systems and traps discharging high organic loads can be dosed with biological cleaners.

If high value loads are carried regularly, an appropriate annual premium should be sought.

For higher speeds the load angle d increases until at the highest speeds it approaches 90 degrees.

The occasional carriage of higher risk loads should only attract once-off premiums.


It sums up how it carries large loads .

A large load of river sediment. 2.

You are seen to be pulling a large load across the stage.


Arthur has rather a light teaching load .


Most patients were experiencing a large drop in viral load .

That goal has been achieved if, after several months of treatment, no virus is found in the viral load .

At the beginning of a cold the viral load will be very high.

Thus there are several patients with an inadequate response who are remaining well despite an unsatisfactory viral load .


As if there was a whole load of things behind him and nothing in front but age.

If this happened, Carlton would reject the whole load and send the truck away.

A whole load of boring industry heads droning on about how important they are and trying to cop off with each other?

She carried the whole load , all the way.

He took a grip on the timber and, tensing two muscled arms, lifted the whole load clear of the skip.

There's a whole load of great stuff in there.



With rising case loads and diminishing resources, it is hardly surprising that social workers often feel they can not win.

But they are overwhelmed by bureaucratic regulations and by their inordinately high case loads .

This largely reflects the different composition of the case load , with fewer householder proposals, which almost always lack policies.

Investigations into law enforcement officers' behavior were reduced, though they still constituted a large part of the case load .


Both stations routinely appear at the top of the performance league, with load factors well in excess of 80 percent.

The load factor is the percentage of seats filled by paying passengers.

Sizewell B, with enhanced diversity in control and monitoring systems, will certainly produce at over 85 percent load factor .

It attributed the slight improvement in load factor to recent schedule changes and fare sales.

The board assumes that after Sizewell B has settled down it will have a load factor of 64 percent.


Two full lorry loads of milk go into some of the bigger supermarkets every day.

Any error and it could result in lorry loads of the wrong colour.

Just as the train pulled out of the station a lorry load of soldiers drove in like maniacs.

Customs Offficers found the drugs hidden in a lorry load of pot plants at Sheerness Docks in January last year.

Powys Transport delivered two lorry loads of materials to the show, which opens tomorrow.

Today, this lorry load of spent nuclear rods represents history in the making again.


Consider their response to a steady sinusoidal input signal when a load resistance R L is connected across the output terminals.

The current consumption of the stage will be fixed by the load resistance to which the collector is connected.


Production even on the smallest holdings had trebled and the work load had soared.

There are thirteen employees, sometimes fourteen when the work load grows especially heavy, but never fifteen.

Many of these require frequent supervision and add to the work load of the warden.

The work load had become too heavy for these two offices, still honorary, to remain combined.

Therefore the work load should not be too heavy.

In this way you will be sure to get through the work load .

This was at a time when the work load was growing.



Once through the crust, tunnelling is easier and she brings out loads of sand, clutched between her forelegs.

We brought a load of grunts with us, and they jumped off to join their fellows as soon as we landed.

Each landing brought back a load of precious lunar samples.


We were relaxed and we were strong, so with the horses carrying the load the walk-in was a holiday.

Any time you interrupt more than one joist, the adjacent joists must be doubled to carry the load .

Without Prince to carry loads , John Durbeyfield could not buy and sell as he used to.

It is natural for some people to carry a slightly heavier load because of ability, experience, motivation or pride.

If you have to carry a heavy load , divide the weight between two bags.

She carried the whole load , all the way.

The shoulder straps are reinforced by a sheet of firm but flexible plastic which distributes and carries the load .

They worked the neighborhoods instead of just going to City Hall and expecting the elected suits to carry the load .


But once the forklifts arrived we could get the load off very quickly.Initally taking forty five minutes.

And get a load of these turn signals.

Marie's got loads of friends, and they all came to say goodbye.

Did you get a load of that accordionist?

I know I've got a load on.

They'd all got loads of money.

What delight to behave really badly and still get loads of sympathy!

I got loads of plants now.


For young readers, however, the medially placed source marker is liable to increase the load on short-term memory.

If, however, one introduces more robust representation schemes, then one may also increase the cognitive load on the author.


I trust that this review has helped at least somewhat to lighten that load .

He said school districts should reduce teacher paperwork, hire more clerical help and lighten teaching loads to reduce stress.

So how about a new 12-place setting dishwasher to lighten the load ?

Having lightened its load , crews hoped to float the barge out to sea Tuesday.

Most probably they were thrown into the sea to lighten the load when the ship found itself in difficulties.


Roughly four-fifths is thought to move as bed load including saltation, leaving only one-fifth to be accounted for by suspension.

Horses and mules dropped down dead, exhausted with the effort to move their loads through the hideous medium.

Fork truck moving with load raised. 23.

For example, suppose a motor with the torque/speed characteristic shown in Fig.5.l has to move a load 1000 steps.

It can take days to process the paperwork required to move a load across the frontier.


In theory, this will reduce traffic load .

But to do that would have reduced the load the floor would support.

It also reduces the load on the tail-skid or wheel and makes it slip sideways more easily.

So we wanted this systematic question to go right through Whitehall and to greatly reduce the functional load on departments.

Insulation is important since it keeps out the hot ambient kitchen air, reducing the load on the refrigeration system.


More could be done to encourage flexible or staggered working hours and spread the traffic load .

The best are fairly wide to spread the load and well padded - often with dual-density foam.

Use of the top tensioners also helps to spread the load over the whole of the shoulder harness.

The block of softwood can be used to spread the load when using the hammer.

It's worth trying to draw up a list like this, because it ensures that you spread the load .

Whether more participants spreads the load of sin is not altogether clear.


Providing the income you will need after you stop work can take a load off your mind.

Put your feet up. Take a load off.

Hip belts Essential for backpacking rucksacks, the hip belt takes most of the load off the shoulders.

He told her to sit down and take a load off.

Note on a plan which internal walls take the structural load .

Frye was expounding on the dangers of holding down a job while taking a full load of courses.

I took a load - my uncle was a-driving that: I took another load down there with him.


a loaded question

it/that is a load/weight off sb's mind

loaded dice

loaded with sth

shoot your load

sth is loaded against sb/sth

the dice/odds are loaded against sb/sth


Load demand can exceed 66 percent during peak periods.

a $1.2 billion debt load

Evans was jailed for hijacking a lorry with a £30,000 load of spirits, tobacco and groceries.

The first load of supplies will be arriving at the camp next week.


And they collected so much they had to use a milk float to deliver the load .

Digestion is suspended and their food lies like a load in the stomach; fullness and distress come on immediately after eating.

He spluttered a load of hip-hop banter as he danced around the drum.

If you have to carry a heavy load , divide the weight between two bags.

So there is a price to pay for the privilege of not paying an up front load .

The lorries toiled steadily up the hill, occasionally shedding part of their loads.

This requirement increases the listener's processing load , and leads to increased response latencies on the localisation task.

Use of the top tensioners also helps to spread the load over the whole of the shoulder harness.

II. verb




In many cases, this loads down an essay with so many notes that it becomes difficult to read.

They passed the last-minute shoppers loaded down with gifts wrapped in gold and silver paper rushing toward their high-rise condos.

The table before them was loaded down with jellies and ice cream.

Below the green Victorian wallpaper decorating the small den were wood paneling and shelving loaded down with books and videotapes.

An hour later, loaded down with awkward orange life-jackets, she trailed her cousin down to the beach.

Elaine was loaded down with towels, and bags full of swimwear and sun creams.


Allow each page you want to read to load fully and it will cache for reading Offline later.

And expect to pay from the mid-teens to upward of $ 50, 000 for top-of-the-line, fully loaded models.

The S that Ford chose to show off to the press was understandably a fully loaded one.

Skepticism fully loaded , I agreed to meet with the dapper and charming McKenna.

The pack's got to be comfortable when it's fully loaded .

A fully loaded set can easily add $ 300 to the final cost.

He wasn't shot and his pistol is fully loaded .


If a machine is heavily loaded , its response times suffer.

They were also very heavily loaded with ammunition.

However. the departments involved are heavily loaded , and none of them want to contribute a key person for this purpose.

Lightly loaded wings that fly slowly will be more affected by these alterations than heavily loaded wings that fly fast.

According to news reports, one train had 19 coaches and the other 14, both heavily loaded .



She saw his sister and nephew next morning as she was loading her car with her carvings to take to the hospital.

Outside, though, as he loaded it into the car , he was surprised to feel a sudden surge of confidence.

Just pack your bags and load up the car , and leave all the other arrangements to me.

Another went to the bakery warehouse, loaded her car , and created a pastry sculpture in the middle of her kitchen.

Taking the boats out of the water and loading them on the cars is a chore.

In the morning, after another excellent breakfast prepared by our hostess, we load our car .


During the next four weeks we steamed from one port to another, unloading and loading a variety of cargoes .

The berths were practically dry at low water and vessels lay aground on the mud bottom whilst loading and discharging their cargoes .

I moved about uncomfortably, listening to the thumps on the roof as they loaded up the cargo .


They were standing in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and putting the salads in the fridge when a picture caught her eye.

Together, it took them only a few minutes to load the dishwasher .

On the other hand it takes no time at all to load a dishwasher .


The file specifications will be documented, and users wishing to load their own files must convert them into the Okapi format.

Remember to load and save the file in plain text mode.

The table was loaded with files and books about the Stuarts.

You can load your file into Word later.

His dining room table was frequently loaded with files of papers.

I loaded the file and the first three lines were full of fall-out from the crash.


By this time the respondent had loaded the goods into a van and rejoined Mr. A. in the key department.

The defendant helped to load the goods into Ballay's van.

Every time he went abroad with the company he came back loaded up with western goods .


But then she'd practically loaded the gun that had shot her down and handed it to him.

But he did carry a loaded gun , finally, just for Jack.

I heard him shout back as he retired, loading his gun .


More faces can easily be loaded on to a machine , like stocking a larder with exotic ingredients.

By that time the respondent had loaded the machine into his van and had rejoined his employer in the key department.

They would then take the loaded machine to the Royal Aircraft College, Cranwell for its next passing out parade.

Thereafter for the next five years she helped to load the new machine .


The program can load any of a dozen formats and convert the image to any other output style.

From then on, every time the program loads , it sends the string to the modem to set it up.

So I got out the original word processor program disks and loaded them into the directory.

And the program is still loaded with glitches.

In order for this to work, the machine code program must be loaded into the same address each time.

It is a relatively compact program and thus loads quickly.


Dispute about the safety of the operation led to dockers being asked to volunteer for the work of loading the ship .

By the early 1950s he had his own firm, loading ships .

So many people worked loading the ships that the owners had decided it would be a good policy.


By comparison, Oracle is talking about a stripped-down computer with no capabilities to load software or store information.


We loaded the trucks up again and at 5.00 am on 27 December 1984, we left.

She tested a couple aluminum bats as the equipment was loaded into trucks .

When the first container was loaded on to a truck it was so heavy all four tyres promptly exploded.

The sirens went off, and we were loaded into trucks and told we were going out there as a reaction force.

And his foreman makes sure the containers are loaded on to the trucks and dumped over the border.

The boat broke up and Roman used the lumber to make a ramp to load hogs on the truck .

Crews are compressing, baling and then loading the tires on to trucks for a six-hour drive to an Arizona recycler.

She watched her husband and a Home of Guiding Hands work crew carry out their other belongings and load them into trucks .


The badgers are loaded into vans for the 4 hour drive to Yorkshire.

Why are you loading this van when some one lives here?

The assistant returned to see the respondent carrying the goods towards the main exit and loading them into a van .


The team want to load this vehicle with medical, food and other essential supplies.

By 7: 30 a. m., Bravo Company was loaded aboard 14 assault vehicles .


They shall load your weapons on to carts and follow you. only be sure you ride back to Pantai.

At length, the handsome cowboy surprised the ugly one loading his weapon .


a loaded question

it/that is a load/weight off sb's mind

loaded dice

loaded with sth

sth is loaded against sb/sth

the dice are loaded

the dice/odds are loaded against sb/sth


LOAD is a command which loads a new program from the file.

Loading the van was hard work.

A woman was loading groceries into her car.

I started loading the boxes into the truck.

The program can be encoded on the disc's surface and then loaded into the microprocessor.

This giant machine can load up a 10-ton truck every few minutes.

This program takes a while to load .

Trucks loaded with food and medicine waited at the border.

Trucks may not stop on city streets to load or unload between 11 and 6.

Two men were loading up a truck with boxes of melons.

Wait a minute - I need to load my camera.

When the planes are fully loaded, they aren't able to take off from this runway, as it is too short.


Anyhow, we loaded kelp for Glasgow.

Ginter was unconscious when rescue workers loaded him on to a stretcher.

It was loaded with product, much of it marvelous, all of it printed.

The links aren't constantly updated but can be set to update whenever you load the document again.

These latter pages can be loaded directly on to printing presses as plates.

They were arrested after chaining themselves to cranes which were loading logs on to barges in the port of Kuala Baram.

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