Meaning of PROFILE in English


■ noun

1》 an outline of something, especially a face, as seen from one side.

2》 a vertical cross section of something.

↘a flat outline piece of scenery on stage.

3》 a graphical or other representation of information recorded in quantified form.

4》 a short descriptive article about someone.

5》 the extent to which a person or organization attracts public notice.

■ verb

1》 describe in a short article.

2》 ( be ~d ) appear in outline.

3》 shape by means of a tool guided by a template.


in ~ as seen from one side.

keep a low ~ remain inconspicuous.


~r noun


C17: from obs. Ital. profilo , from profilare , from pro- 'forth' + filare 'to spin', formerly 'draw a line' (from L. filare , from filum 'thread').

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