Meaning of PROFILE in English


— profiler , n.

/proh"fuyl/ , n. , v. , profiled, profiling .


1. the outline or contour of the human face, esp. the face viewed from one side.

2. a picture or representation of the side view of a head.

3. an outlined view, as of a city or mountain.

4. an outline of an object, as a molding, formed on a vertical plane passed through the object at right angles to one of its principal horizontal dimensions.

5. a drawing or the like representing this.

6. Survey. a vertical section of the ground surface taken parallel to a survey line. Cf. cross section (def. 6). See diagram under contour map .

7. a verbal, arithmetical, or graphic summary or analysis of the history, status, etc., of a process, activity, relationship, or set of characteristics: a biochemical profile of a patient's blood; a profile of national consumer spending.

8. an informal biography or a concisely presented sketch of the life and character of a person.

9. a set of characteristics or qualities that identify a type or category of person or thing: a profile of a typical allergy sufferer.

10. the look, configuration, or lines of something: cars with a modern profile.

11. degree of noticeability; visibility.

12. Psychol. a description of behavioral and personality traits of a person compared with accepted norms or standards.

13. Theat. a flat stage property or scenic piece cut from a firm, thin material, as of beaverboard or plywood, and having an irregular edge resembling the silhouette of a natural object.

14. (in a gear) the outline of either end of a tooth.

15. Naval Archit. a longitudinal elevation or section of a vessel. Cf. outboard profile .


16. to draw a profile of.

17. to produce or present a history, description, or analysis of: The magazine will profile the candidate in its next issue.

[ 1650-60; (n.) prof ( f ) ilo, n. deriv. of profilare to delineate, outline, equiv. to pro- PRO- 1 + -filare, deriv. of filo line, thread filum ]

Syn. 1. silhouette.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .