Meaning of PROFILE in English


/ ˈprəʊfaɪl; NAmE ˈproʊ-/ noun , verb

■ noun


the outline of a person's face when you look from the side, not the front :

his strong profile

a picture of the president in profile


a description of sb/sth that gives useful information :

a job / employee profile

We first build up a detailed profile of our customers and their requirements.


the general impression that sb/sth gives to the public and the amount of attention they receive :

The deal will certainly raise the company's international profile.


the edge or outline of sth that you see against a background :

the profile of the tower against the sky


- a high / low profile

■ verb

[ vn ] to give or write a description of sb/sth that gives the most important information :

His career is profiled in this month's journal.



mid 17th cent.: from obsolete Italian profilo , from the verb profilare , from pro- forth + filare to spin, formerly draw a line (from Latin filare , from filum thread).

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