Meaning of PROFILE in English


I. ˈprōˌfīl noun

( -s )

Etymology: Italian profilo, from profilare to draw in outline, from pro- forward (from Latin) + filare to spin, draw a line, from Late Latin, to spin — more at pro- , file

1. : a representation of something in outline ; especially : a human head or face represented or seen in a side view

his handsome, blunt profile — Susan Ertz

his face presented to us in profile — Christopher Isherwood

2. : an outline seen or represented in sharp relief : a distinctive exterior line : contour

from the river as he was seeing it now, the city's profile seemed all flat planes — Harold Sinclair

some profile of the mountains — E.H.Spicer

3. : a side or sectional elevation: as

a. : a drawing used in civil engineering to show a vertical section of the ground along a surveyed line or graded work

b. : a drawing of the side elevation of a ship's lines or of its structure

4. : a ceramics shaping tool

5. : wooden frames from which lines are stretched to establish the alignment of the face of a wall or the slope of a drainpipe or tile

6. : a flat piece of theatrical scenery or property cut in outline


a. : a vertical section of a soil showing the nature and sequence of its various zones

b. : a vertical section of an organic deposit (as a peat bog) showing the sequence of its flora

pollen profiles — American Journal of Science

c. : a vertical section cut through an archaeological unit (as a burial mound or village site)

8. : a graph or curve: as

a. : a group of data representing quantitatively the extent to which an individual exhibits traits or abilities as determined by tests or ratings and usually presented in the form of a graph

b. : a linear series of data recording the position of the piezometric surface in an artesian aquifer or groundwater basin or of the elevations of the bottom and the energy line along the axis of flow of a stream or conduit


a. : a concise biographical sketch depicting a personality by vivid outlining and sharp contrast

b. : a concise geographical, historical, or political sketch

c. : a concise analysis of a subject


a. : a linear series of recording stations or observation points for geophysical phenomena

b. : a graph or curve showing the data thus obtained

11. : a recognizable rhythmic line characterizing a musical composition or speech utterance

the classic symphonist selects a subject matter that … has a sharp melodic and rhythmic profile — P.H.Lang

profile of sounds

Synonyms: see outline

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Italian profilare

transitive verb


a. : to draw the vertical outline of : represent in profile : draw a profile of

b. : to study and design the exterior shape of (as a molding)

c. : to give a profile to

2. : to shape the outline of (an object) by means of a cutting instrument — compare profiling machine

3. : to give or write a profile of

try to profile a man … so typical of New York — Alistair Cooke

intransitive verb

: to turn in profile : present a profile ; especially : to turn the left shoulder toward a bull in a bullfight

the matador profiled, his thin silver blade raised — William Sansom

III. noun

: degree or level of public exposure

trying to keep a low profile

a job with a high profile

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