Meaning of STEAM in English


■ noun

1》 the hot vapour into which water is converted when heated, which condenses in the air into a mist of minute water droplets.

2》 the expansive force of this vapour used as a source of power for machines.

3》 momentum; impetus: the dispute gathered ~.

■ verb

1》 give off or produce ~.

↘( ~ up or ~ something up ) become or cause something to become misted over with ~.

2》 cook (food) by heating it in ~ from boiling water.

↘clean or otherwise treat with ~.

↘apply ~ to (something fixed with adhesive) so as to open or loosen it.

3》 (of a ship or train) travel somewhere under ~ power.

↘ informal come, go, or move somewhere rapidly or in a forceful way.

↘generate ~ in and operate (a ~ locomotive).

4》 ( be/get ~ed up ) informal be or become extremely agitated or angry.


get up (or pick up ) ~

1》 generate enough pressure to drive a ~ engine.

2》 (of an activity, project, etc.) gradually gain impetus.

have ~ coming out of one's ears informal be extremely angry.

let (or blow ) off ~ informal get rid of pent-up energy or strong emotion.

run out of (or lose ) ~ informal lose impetus or enthusiasm.

under one's own ~ without assistance from others.


OE stēam 'vapour', stēman 'emit a scent, be exhaled', of Gmc origin.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.