Meaning of TRUCK in English

~ 1

■ noun

1》 a large road vehicle, used for carrying goods, materials, or troops.

↘ Brit. a railway vehicle for carrying freight, especially a small open one.

↘a low flat-topped trolley used for moving heavy items.

2》 a railway bogie.

↘each of two axle units on a skateboard, to which the wheels are attached.

3》 a wooden disc at the top of a ship's mast or flagstaff, with holes for halyards to slide through.

■ verb chiefly N. Amer.

1》 convey by ~.

2》 informal go or proceed in a casual or leisurely way.


~age noun

~load noun


ME (denoting a solid wooden wheel): perh. short for ~le 1 in the sense 'wheel, pulley'.


~ 2

■ noun

1》 archaic barter.

↘ chiefly historical the payment of workers in kind or with vouchers.

2》 chiefly archaic small wares.

3》 chiefly US market-garden produce, especially vegetables.

■ verb archaic barter or exchange.


have (or want ) no ~ with avoid or wish to avoid dealings or association with.


ME: prob. from OFr., of unknown origin; cf. med. L. trocare .

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