Meaning of TRUCK in English

I. noun


a delivery truck ( also delivery van British English )

Just then a delivery truck stopped outside.

a taxi/bus/truck etc driver

Car drivers face a new daily charge to enter the capital.

a truck/vehicle convoy

The troops' truck convoy was travelling along the edge of the desert.

breakdown truck

cattle truck

diesel car/truck etc

dump truck

dumper truck

fire truck

fork-lift truck

garbage truck

panel truck

pick-up truck

salt truck

truck farm

truck stop




It drew her to a big yellow truck , where a dark scarf of smoke tugged across the pavement.

The next night a big truck pulled into the overgrown pecan orchard behind the house.

We haven't got enough room to manoevre these big trucks .

Lots of big white trucks out there.

There were dinosaurs painted in lurid green and red, and two big yellow Tonka trucks .

A big shiny pickup truck crammed with men in base-ball caps slowed down and took a look at me.

Some late night joy-riding fool of a soldier ripping up the beach with his big truck tyres?

Here the big trucks roared, wham, and inside two minutes one of them cranked to a stop for me.


They came with two flatbed trucks and they emptied the apartment.

Several at the scene said low flatbed trucks had been stuck at the crossing in the past.


It would add 60 plus heavy trucks to the traffic for the five years plus of the construction.

Even heavy trucks and buses are prohibited; they are confined to the Shenandoah Valley on the opposite side of the mountains.

Fire officials said they believe the blaze originated in the destroyed heavy rescue squad truck but had not pinpointed a cause Friday.


The blaze of light behind the trucks washed out all detail.

Today, nearly one of every two vehicles is a light truck .

Put brightly colored warning labels on new airbag-equipped cars and light trucks beginning in 90 days.

Most of the 624, 929 automobiles and 97, 041 light trucks in the area will pass the test.

Consider: -- Yesterday, Ford announced $ 600 rebates on nearly every car and light truck it sells.


What for example is the market value of a three-year old mainframe computer, or a seven-year old fork-lift truck ?

Terry and Ponzo came back and we rattled off in the old truck to meet Rickey.

At least that humiliating old truck would not be parked outside her door when the girls arrived.

He gave a little wave to a man sitting on the bumper of an old Ford truck .

Four old panel trucks sit shoulder to shoulder, looking like an art installation.

Edward allegedly was repairing an old truck in a field near the woods.

His old black truck shimmied as it backed into the Fermoyles' driveway.

We sat in the old truck , cursing.


In half an hour only one small truck passed, a satellite dish rocking in the back.

The Ford-Madza plant, to be located about 120 miles southeast of Bangkok, will produce mostly small pickup trucks .

These new owners transport the women in small trucks or cars to the border with Bosnia.

Certainly, small pickup trucks are similar in some respects to station wagons.

The Marines had sent her off in a small wooden-bedded truck that seemed to have no springs or shock-absorbers whatsoever.

Leese had called operations on the way in, and they sent a small truck to pick us up.

The occasional small truck rumbled along the riverside going towards the central market.

A dispatcher for a small fleet of trucks , he found it hard not to get rattled when the calls piled up.



This, investigators say, links him to the truck bomb blast.

It withdrew shortly after 241 marines were killed in a single truck bomb attack on their barracks.


What better way to transport escapees south than in the delivery trucks ?

A few weeks back, one of her delivery trucks got broadsided outside the restaurant.

They were slow, unglamorous, seagoing delivery trucks , but they were also ideal as electronic snoopers.

They settled in San Diego, where Swensson drove a bread delivery truck .

Many of you ate behind the wheel of your car or delivery truck .


Huge, ancient diesel trucks lumbered through the crowd between tractors and horse-drawn carts.

I remember hot, still electric-storm afternoons when jackrabbits ran under Diesel truck wheels.

Because many diesel trucks travel across state lines and are registered outside Arizona, they are harder to regulate than gasoline-powered vehicles.


At first glance, he resembled a truck driver , or perhaps a mercenary soldier.

Fork truck driver not looking where going. 24.

Also patron of bachelors, bus drivers , motorists, travelers, truck drivers; he is invoked against nightmares.

That truck driver tried to kill us - and he knew where to locate us exactly.

Elvis Presley was a truck driver .

The truck driver leaned out the window and asked where they wanted their ocean.

When I go home I have a job as a truck driver .


The recession has taken its toll of lorries, dump trucks and commercial reps' company cars.

Landfills had filled, and there was nowhere to dump the dump trucks .

The city crews started downtown, clearing the streets and salting them and loading snow into dump trucks .


A fire truck or an ambulance whoops somewhere beyond the window, adding cruelly to my unease.

Outside my window, fire trucks whine, up Eighth Avenue.

The entire park had taken on an eerie red glow from the flashing sirens of the half dozen fire trucks parked alongside.

In fact, Mr and Mrs Claus are slated to arrive via fire truck to meet their vast sea of little fans.

The longer ambulance response is somewhat offset by having paramedics assigned to all fire trucks , Meoli said.

But when I came to retrieve her, my way was blocked by paramedics and fire trucks .

He and his neighbors bought a fire truck to protect their area, but the neighbors got cold feet.


Put a David Smith out for the garbage truck to haul off?

At Twentieth and Blake he saw a man swabbing a garbage truck .

The threat is as if a garbage truck had overturned and dumped wilted intellectual lettuce on bystanders.

Sunlight coming through a nearby window or the sound of an early morning garbage truck can disturb a light sleeper.

And putting it in an alley can cause garbage trucks to sink up to their axles.

So he bought this old Dodge and washed it Howard stared at the garbage truck cruising slowly down the street.


They'd had a huge fork lift truck on the roof where they stored materials.


Banker says no pickup truck or tractor.

The driver of a pickup truck crossed the center line and struck us head-on.

A pickup truck with a plow rolled by, driven by a long-haired man and his little boy.

Among the trees on the road far below, he made out a yellow pickup truck .

Cook agreed happily, but only if he could follow the bus in his pickup truck .

A man beside a pickup truck was standing alongside the road, twirling a radio antenna.

A fourth said he ran over the cat with a pickup truck .

In the front, on another video screen, three well-built specimens cavorted on the tailgate of a pickup truck .


We took the Neche-Pembina exit into a truck stop .

But he was walking to a truck stop across the street, probably getting something to eat during his break.

Actually, he met her at a truck stop where she was a runaway.



More commonly, the partners sold it when the driver had enough money to buy a truck of his own.

Then we got bigger ideas and bought our truck .

He had sold all his sheep and bought a truck , and was trying to convince others that they should follow suit.

He and his neighbors bought a fire truck to protect their area, but the neighbors got cold feet.

To combat fires, they buy more fire trucks .

They bought a truck and proceeded to drum up business.

Half the Marinites out there are on the phone, and nowadays these people buy giant designer trucks .


You're way too smart to be driving a truck .

Bruce drove the truck behind us.

Not to mention three more years of driving a truck .

I drive a truck , I enjoy skiing and camping and that's about it.

Her husband drove a truck , ferrying cotton workers from the highlands down to the coast and back.

Personally, I drive a pick-up truck .

One night he was driving a truck when he saw a girl and stopped.


We loaded the trucks up again and at 5.00 am on 27 December 1984, we left.

She tested a couple aluminum bats as the equipment was loaded into trucks .

When the first container was loaded on to a truck it was so heavy all four tyres promptly exploded.

The sirens went off, and we were loaded into trucks and told we were going out there as a reaction force.

And his foreman makes sure the containers are loaded on to the trucks and dumped over the border.

The boat broke up and Roman used the lumber to make a ramp to load hogs on the truck .

Crews are compressing, baling and then loading the tires on to trucks for a six-hour drive to an Arizona recycler.

She watched her husband and a Home of Guiding Hands work crew carry out their other belongings and load them into trucks .


The chatter of playing children drifted over from the tent village beside the rows of parked trucks .

It was quite accidental that we planted Cleveland sage, a shrubby California native, next to where I park the truck .

We park the truck just past Wino Tank and begin hiking up the canyon.

Earl Varney parked his truck in front of the first of the sedans from Rehoboth.

Resler and I jumped out while Leese and Nate went to park the truck .


Neeson was able to climb back to the road and flag down a passing truck .

On a two-lane in western Ohio, I begin to pass a pickup truck with a slatted wooden enclosure on the bed.

I passed a military truck in the hedge.

Attempting to pass a truck , he veered too close and scraped the outstretched arm of one of the girls.

Ram Rahim was still overloaded and by now so terrified that he shied at passing trucks .

They waved to no one who might have waved off the various porches or through the windshields of the passing trucks .


So we had to rent a forklift truck from somewhere, then manhandle the saw into the workshop.

Pieces from the inside of the rented Ryder truck box.

After a few days of traveling on the bus without the family car, they rented a pickup truck .

So they rented a truck and drove through the countryside around the Cusiana prospect.


a bus load/car load/truck load etc


a garbage truck

You can borrow my truck to go to the store.


Branches scraping the truck again, a grinding downshift into first: and the truck jarring itself over dirt.

Corporal Pocock found a rifle and hid by the wheel of a truck .

I did not want to be sitting in my truck , waiting for a wolf to come by.

The truck purred along the road, with the other truck following it.

There was a truck parked in front of the quarry.

There was an odd-shaped room, not a lot bigger than the cab of the truck itself.

Why would a family minivan be called a truck ?

II. verb




If their cargo is destined for cities further away, it is shifted on to a U. S . truck .


Some Texas ranchers are having hay trucked in from Colorado.


We truck through deserted commuter villages.

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