Meaning of TRUCK in English

1. n. & v.


1. Brit. an open railway wagon for carrying freight.

2 esp. US a vehicle for carrying heavy goods; a lorry.

3 a vehicle for transporting troops, supplies, etc.

4 a railway bogie.

5 a wheeled stand for transporting goods.

6 a Naut. a wooden disc at the top of a mast with holes for halyards. b a small solid wheel.


1. tr. convey on or in a truck.

2 intr. US drive a truck.

3 intr. US sl. proceed; go, stroll.


truckage n.

Etymology: perh. short for TRUCKLE in sense 'wheel, pulley' 2. n. & v.


1. dealings; exchange, barter.

2 small wares.

3 US market-garden produce (truck farm).

4 colloq. odds and ends.

5 hist. the payment of workers in kind. & intr. archaic barter, exchange.

Phrases and idioms:

have no truck with avoid dealing with.

Etymology: ME f. OF troquer (unrecorded) trocare, of unkn. orig.

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