Meaning of CURRENT in English

"The movement of electrical charges in a conductor; carried by electrons in an electronic conductor (electronic current) or by ions in an ionic conductor (ionic current). ""By definition"" the electrical current always flows from the positive potential end of the conductor toward the negative potential end, independent of the actual direction of motion of the differently charged current carrier (or ""charge carrier"") particles. Two kinds of currents must be distinguished: ""direct current (dc)"" and ""alternating current (ac)."" Direct current is the unidirectional continuous flow of current, while alternating current is the oscillating (back and forth) flow of current. In electrochemistry, we almost always use direct current. Consequently, the term ""current"" always designates ""dc"" in this dictionary unless specifically stated to be ""ac."" The normal household current is an alternating current. The measurement unit of current is the ampere. "

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