Meaning of CURRENT in English


I. adjective


a current of air

The birds are able to glide on a current of warm air.

alternating current

current account

current affairs (= important events that are happening now )

a 24-hour news and current affairs channel

current affairs

current events

There are some similarities between what happened in the 1920s and current events in the US.

current salary

His current salary is just over £30,000 a year.

current/recent estimates (= ones that are accepted now )

According to current estimates, the country can expect 200,000 visitors in the next three years.

direct current

electric current/power/charge (= a flow of electricity )

existing/current etc legislation

The existing legislation may need to be amended.

last/current/coming/next fiscal year

on present/current/past etc form

On current form he’s one of the top three players in the country.

sth’s present/current state

We can deduce how the planet evolved from its beginnings to its present state.

the current year

The budget for the current year was £13 million.

the current/existing lease

The current lease still has 12 years to run.

the current/existing system

The current system of taxation is unnecessarily complicated.

the current/latest trend

If current trends continue, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will double by the year 2030.

the current/present climate ( also the prevailing climate formal )

Change will be hard to achieve in the current climate.

the present/current position

The following statistics indicate the present position.

the present/current situation

The present situation in Afghanistan is very worrying.

the present/current state of knowledge

That is the best advice we can offer, given our current state of knowledge about the disease.




Therefore it can either be seen as Susan's capital or as a current account balance due to Susan.

With a current account mortgage, your salary is used to reduce the amount outstanding on your loan.

We have recorded it in their current accounts .

They may hold a current account with you.

They may equally, as I did, hold a second current account with a competitor.

For a current account deficit on the balance of payments reflects a shortage of national savings, in relation to investment.

Perhaps that explains the large sum in his current account .


Select one topical current affairs issue each week and swot up on it from newspapers and magazines.

It specifies regional programmes and high quality news and current affairs .

They would talk politely of this and that; of current affairs or items of local interest.

News and current affairs programmes are the television equivalent of newspapers.


Education business partnerships, though recent in their current form , have antecedents which it would be foolish to ignore.

The current form of death duty is called inheritance tax.

Michael Slater then reaffirmed his current form with 64 his seventh score of 50 or more in 10 innings.

He calls them a blueprint for disaster in their current form and wants them amended.

However, if they keep up their current form they will finish in the bottom eight.

Students of the Barnes education classes are also opposing the tour in its current form .

That is that industrialised agriculture in its current form is neither sustainable nor exportable to the Third World.

On current form , it seems unlikely that Oag is stringing anyone along.


By now, probably half the small ads in the current issue had been placed by aliens.

However, at the risk of underestimating such differences, certain current issues can be picked out.

It organises seminars and educational programmes on a wide range of current issues .

I still have a copy of Spring 1931 Nonesuch - a much more lighthearted effort than your current issue .

Students love Streetwise, especially because of the current issues .

In addition, the automated check-in facility will alert readers to current issues of periodicals as soon as they are processed.


All statements regarding taxation are based on Clerical Medical's understanding of current law .

The House version would make major changes to current law .

Under current laws there is no such prohibition.

Under current law , an investor who owns shares purchased at different prices can use any of three methods to compute profits.

Under current law there has to be a connection between an insider and the company whose shares he deals in.

Under current law , the president is required to either sign or veto in its entirety any legislation that reaches his desk.

The operation of the obscenity law depended to some extent upon the crusading zeal of current law officers.

Beneficiaries would pay $ 51. 50 a month by the year 2002 under current law .


Do we need to be reminded of the current legislation ?

An investigation launched by Knowsley Borough Council found that staff had reacted swiftly and that procedures complied with current legislation .

With the current legislation of Data Protection, this is becoming less and less likely.

Under current legislation the school will have increased control of its resources, even if the latter do not increase.

And you could collect a substantial cash sum free of personal taxation under current legislation in the year 2001.

In a way, current legislation and political attitudes are pushing in opposing directions simultaneously.

The government's approach in persuasion, not enforcement, since enforcement of current legislation is unworkable.


But at current levels the shares are a firm hold.

This should be reduced to 20 percent below the current level by the year 2005.

However, this may be an oversimplified assumption because the current level of economic activity will certainly influence business expectations and confidence.

Is he worried that it has taken such a deep and prolonged recession to reduce inflation to its current level ?

Will donors be prepared to provide the extra funds needed for reconstruction or even to continue funding at current levels ?

The cost of planning delays With current levels of interest can rapidly erode profit margins.

A projection can be made only on the assumption that current levels or trends continue.

Rather than increase the premiums from their current levels , the benefits have been halved for persons aged 65 or over.


Steven Seaton looks at the current market .

Interest rates would be fixed at 5 percent instead of the current market level of 10.

As a producer and processor of organic products, Dirk is a successful and independent supplier of the current market demand.

The current market price of such bonds will be determined by demand and supply.

The higher the current market rate of interest, the lower will be the market price of existing bonds.

As explained in section 16.1, their price fluctuates inversely with the current market rate of interest.

Given this apparent potential it is interesting to see how the various manufacturers are coping with the current market expansion.

It is possible to decompose the current market price P into accrued interest and principal using the formula.


There is however a growing body of work which challenges the models of ageing which underpin current policies .

Under current policy , 17-year-olds can join the U.S. military with their parents' permission.

In line with our current policy of consolidation, no new courses have been introduced during the year.

This is the problem in the ghetto, and current policies only make it worse.

Howdendyke is almost wholly working-class and current policies prevent in-migration.

With current policies the Conservatives will not win the next election; even with better policies they might not win it.

One of these is to attempt to convince the organization that a crisis will occur if current policies are continued.

But it was difficult to see why they would, given that everyone seemed to agree with the current policy .


The Shop needed a statement on the current position and possible options for action.

Similarly, it has been assumed that voters consider only alternatives in a small neighbourhood of the current position .

For advice about the current position , you should talk to a careers adviser.

This book analyses the current position of third parties in international law through an examination of third party claims.

It may help to summarise briefly the current position .

The current position more than meets the amendment.

But what is the current position within the chemical industry?

The current position , of varying regional support, represents the worst of all worlds.


I would argue that this careful planning of activities is already the current practice of many teachers.

Standards such as those on depreciation and current cost accounting are so different from current practice that it is impossible to rationalize them.

Decision makers should satisfy themselves that current practice is itself worth having before using it as a comparison for a new treatment.

Teachers who use these books can draw on the banks of ideas they provide to extend and diversify their current practice .

This approach tends to preserve previous spending patterns because planned expenditure is based on historical and current practice .

The compulsory and emergency nature of the initial admission, however, is no different from the trend in current practice .

First, however, consideration must be given to the other major approach to assessment that informs current practice .

We begin therefore by considering our current practice , and then looking at how the National Curriculum fits in.


The manager knows the supplier to be used, and the current price per box is 5.

He sold the shares for as much as $ 32 each, against a current price of just over $ 16.

The current price is comparable with tree-based high quality paper, - that would fall once home-grown hemp is used.

The cost was calculated in terms of the current price of slaughter stock, and so many head were then requested.

It is largely a matter of economics and much hinges on the current price of energy.

The current price in Britain of coal suitable for this purpose is higher still, around £50 per tonne.

The total cost of the scheme will amount to around £70 million at current prices .

For example, if the current price is 103, the bond is not likely to be called until three years before maturity.


It adds that, at current rates , the forests' will be effectively logged out within 40 years.

Your broker can give you current rates .

The current rate of interest is shown on the enclosed table.

Ask at any Midland branch for current rates .

The current rate is 15 percent.

For amounts in excess of £5,000 please ask at your local NatWest branch for current rates and repayments for the loan you require.

That compares very well with the current rate of inflation, which is now below 4 percent.

The current rate of invalid care allowance is £26.20.


It also provides an informative popular account of current research in man-computer systems.

But most of the references to prehistoric man, Darnton says, are based on current research and theories.

These relate to the writer's current research in the Design Discipline at the Open University.

In current research , several assessment methods are used, employing client self-report, behavioural observations, and physiological monitoring equipment.

For this purpose the current research project has about ECU6 million to spend over a period of two and a half years.

The second area of current research in macroeconomics centres on a phenomenon known as hysteresis.

This statement is difficult to refute or accept on the base of current research evidence.

Through our national and local newsletter we can update on current research , advice on managing the illness and give medical information.


His current situation would appear quite idyllic once the newspapers hit the doorsteps in the morning.

Air Your Faith gives the background to religious broadcasting in Britain and outlines the current situation .

It was this longer-term exchange that Bukharin recognised as being the central contradiction in the then current situation .

The questions relate to the current situation .

And they believe that what makes the current situation precarious is the continuing uncertainty over the outlook for sterling.

Students huddle round a professor of politics who gives an analysis of the current situation .

Preparatory stages Before sensible planning for the future can begin, those taking part need to know the current situation .

There are several reasons for the current situation .


All this was looked after, preserved in its current state of decay.

A physical examination will let your doctor know about your current state of health.

It simulates the bit of the search space which is rooted at the current state , and plans an acceptable next move.

However, a definition of the current state of understanding and uncertainty should also serve as a diagnosis to guide future research.

Furthermore, the current state of the property market encourages landowners and both existing and prospective tenants to strike complex deals.

Given our current state of knowledge about the dementing diseases we have few alternative options.

Norton has yet to release any financial figures informing its 13,000 shareholders of the current state of their investments.

What is your opinion of the current state of contemporary art, in this country and internationally?


Our current systems of adversary law and politics are examples of such professionalism.

Much analysis of what is wrong with current systems has been undertaken.

Although this will not provide sentential context it will be less localised than the current system .

Unfortunately, all this means nothing under the current system of ticket allocation.

The following ideas are more immediately applicable to the current system .

Under the current system , there is little incentive for firms to increase the skills of their labour force.

Figure 6.1 shows the various stages of the current system .


Not much on contemporary art but a sprinkling of the new art history proves that publishers are aware of current trends .

The then current trends suggested a further 60 percent reduction in the long-stay population within ten years.

Research is always being done to keep the Society abreast of current trends .

Some current trends reinforce this linear pattern, whereas others modify it.

Bayer expects the current trend to have continued in Q4 of 1991.

Unfortunately, current trends , especially with regard to unemployment, are in the opposite direction.

When current trends have begun to make some impact, further questions will no doubt arise.


Non-manufacturing costs have also been analysed to identify further savings for the current year .

Restated pre-tax profits for that year will be halved to £27.5m and the current year's profits will also be reduced.

Nine new stores and two major enlargements are planned for the current year .

With the closure of a further five mills in the first half of the current year major cost savings will be realised.

As your leave year is from 1 April to 31 March your leave allowance for the current year will be 6.

Comparative figures Prior year comparative figures have been restated to conform to the current year's presentation where appropriate.

The effect of this claim on my premium for the current year alone is nearly £6,500.


swim against the tide/current etc

Light given out by distant galaxies has to swim against the tide of expansion to get to us.

There s no point in you tryin to swim against the tide now, is there?


Acceptable forms of ID include a current passport or a birth certificate.

According to one economist, at the current growth rate, China will have the largest economy in the world by 2030.

Coca-Cola's current advertising campaign

In the current economic situation, switching careers may not be such a good idea.

The aim is to reduce current pollution levels in the Black Sea.

What is your current occupation?


All that is needed is two alterations to sections 7 and 8 of the current act.

Alternatively, there is the cash management option, a current account paying high interest rates when the balance exceeds £5,000.

First, how firmly do young children believe that the current situation dictates the way you feel?

Harden estimates that under current conditions productivity can only be maintained for between 10 and 75 years.

In-service applicants may retain their current terms and conditions of service.

Reviewing current materials is a good first step for any re-evaluation of approaches to education.

The current governor ran into a storm when it was revealed he had received a 17% pay increase in 1991.

The pounds you pay will buy ECUs at the current exchange rate, which can fluctuate.

II. noun




With a borrowed battery, he passed an electric current through the solution.

Again she felt the same shiver down her back like an electric current .

We use it to pass a little electric current through the surface layers of the brain.

It attempts to modify the electric currents in the ionosphere during a display of the lights and to observe the results.

He lobbied the legislature at Albany to pass a law limiting electric currents to eight hundred volts.

When hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fuel cell, an electrochemical reaction generates an electric current .


From a mail-order house she ordered a battery-operated galvanic device which applied the stimulation of low-voltage electrical current to his paralyzed limbs.

When electrical currents flow they produce magnetic fields and so it is possible that these two therapies amount to the same thing.

It's a unique beauty treatment that uses thermal clay and electrical currents to combat cellulite.

Due to the radio waves which this equipment gives off, an electrical current is induced into the water.

What had happened was that the passage of electrical current created huge magnetic forces which constricted the tube.


It floats in salt water and can be carried hundreds of miles by strong currents .

However, the strong current carried her away, sweeping her over a weir where the boat overturned.

It is very rarely still because of the strong tidal currents .

Some believe that it is because of unusually strong cold ocean currents , which improve the chances of penguins surviving the journey.


The environmental organisation detected radionuclides in zooplankton from the tidal currents which flush Mururoa's lagoon.

This twice daily peristalsis creates tidal currents every six hours, pushing sea water first north, then south.

It is very rarely still because of the strong tidal currents .

With the reversal of tidal currents deltas can be built up at both ends of the strait.



Dive and glide in the blue sky then let the air currents carry you along.

The weight of the glider and the woman slowed him down, but he could feel the warm air currents .

When the evening comes the female spruce budworm moth rises up on warm air currents .

A large bird was riding the air currents below him, and he decided it must be an eagle.

The glider circled the escarpment and was carried with the warm air currents into the upper atmosphere.


A direct and obvious example is that many marine animals are dispersed around the globe by ocean currents .

Factoring in the effects of ocean currents , fickle winds, and errors in judgment, he then determined his longitude.

The ocean currents flow around these in the same way that winds blow around high and low centres of atmospheric pressure.

Some believe that it is because of unusually strong cold ocean currents , which improve the chances of penguins surviving the journey.

But ocean currents , wind and tides stir the waters.


offshore wind/current etc

At the moment, only inshore wind farms have been erected but there is great potential in offshore wind.

Avoid strong tides, offshore winds, poor visibility or sailing in the dark.

Large swell waves may be present with an absolutely calm sea or even with light offshore winds in the opposite direction.

Steady offshore winds keep blowing the water westward where it becomes heated.

The government has responded by planning offshore wind farms on the Ijsselmeer.

This is an essential skill in gusty offshore winds.

When sailing in offshore winds, however, this rule is more often than not proved right, particularly in coastal bays.

You should never sail in an offshore wind, particularly not alone.

strong wind/current/tide

A strong wind was now blowing and there was a loud crack of thunder.

Disadvantages: Lack of volume, thus difficult to sail in all but strong winds.

Firefighters must contend with steep canyons and the strong winds, not to mention hot and dry conditions.

In very strong winds the critical place for ground handling is at the tail.

Rip A strong current, commonly experienced on surf beaches.

The same materials, thrown into the Martian atmosphere by strong winds, give the Martian sky a pinkish color.

There was a strong wind blowing from the north.

Toward late afternoon, a strong wind came up and the sky clouded over.

swim against the tide/current etc

Light given out by distant galaxies has to swim against the tide of expansion to get to us.

There s no point in you tryin to swim against the tide now, is there?


It's dangerous to swim in the sea here because the current is so strong.

The current in the river was very strong.

The currents in these parts could carry a boat miles out to sea.

The tiny young drift on the ocean currents, until a few are lucky enough to land in a suitable place and begin a new life.

Turn off the current before changing the fuse.


Here the current is so strong that the shape of the cataract is constantly changing.

The design could be improved, he declared, by switching to alternating current .

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