Meaning of CURRENT in English


/ ˈkʌrənt; NAmE ˈkɜːr-/ adjective , noun

■ adjective


[ only before noun ] happening now; of the present time :

current prices

a budget for the current year

your current employer

➡ note at actual


being used by or accepted by most people :

words that are no longer current

■ noun


the movement of water in the sea or a river; the movement of air in a particular direction :

He swam to the shore against a strong current .

Birds use warm air currents to help their flight.


the flow of electricity through a wire, etc. :

a 15 amp electrical current

—see also AC , DC


the fact of particular ideas, opinions or feelings being present in a group of people :

Ministers are worried by this current of anti-government feeling.



Middle English (in the adjective sense running, flowing ): from Old French corant running, from courre run, from Latin currere run.

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