Meaning of CURRENT in English

adj running or moving rapidly.

2. current ·adj commonly estimated or acknowledged.

3. current ·adj now passing, as time; as, the current month.

4. current ·adj fitted for general acceptance or circulation; authentic; passable.

5. current ·adj general course; ordinary procedure; progressive and connected movement; as, the current of time, of events, of opinion, ·etc.

6. current ·adj passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating through the community; generally received; common; as, a current coin; a current report; current history.

7. current ·adj a flowing or passing; onward motion. hence: a body of fluid moving continuously in a certain direction; a stream; ·esp., the swiftest part of it; as, a current of water or of air; that which resembles a stream in motion; as, a current of electricity.

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