Meaning of CURRENT in English


[] adj [ME curraunt, fr. OF curant, prp. of courre to run, fr. L currere--more at car] (14c) 1 a archaic: running, flowing b (1): presently elapsing (2): occurring in or existing at the present time (3): most recent "the ~ issue"

2: used as a medium of exchange

3: generally accepted, used, practiced, or prevalent at the moment -- adv -- n

[2]current n (14c) 1 a: the part of a fluid body (as air or water) moving continuously in a certain direction b: the swiftest part of a stream c: a tidal or nontidal movement of lake or ocean water d: flow marked by force or strength

2. a: a tendency or course of events that is usu. the result of an interplay of forces "~s of public opinion" b: a prevailing mood: strain

3: a flow of electric charge; also: the rate of such flow syn see tendency

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