Meaning of ENTERPRISE JAVABEANS in English

< specification , business , programming > (EJB) A server -side component architecture for writing reusable business logic and portable enterprise applications. EJB is the basis of Sun 's Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

Enterprise JavaBean components are written entirely in Java and run on any EJB compliant server. They are operating system , platform , and middleware independent, preventing vendor lock-in .

EJB servers provide system-level services (the "plumbing") such as transactions , security, threading , and persistence .

The EJB architecture is inherently transactional, distributed , multi-tier , scalable , secure, and wire protocol neutral - any protocol can be used: IIOP , JRMP , HTTP , DCOM etc. EJB 1.1 requires RMI for communication with components. EJB 2.0 is expected to require support for RMI/IIOP.

EJB applications can serve assorted clients: browsers , Java, ActiveX , CORBA etc. EJB can be used to wrap legacy systems .

EJB 1.1 was released in December 1999. EJB 2.0 is in development.

Sun claims broad industry adoption. 30 vendors are shipping server products implementing EJB. Supporting vendors include IBM , Fujitsu , Sybase , Borland , Oracle , and Symantec .

An alternative is Microsoft's MTS ( Microsoft Transaction Server ).

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