Meaning of ACCOUNT in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ əˈkaunt ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a narration or description (gave a long account of the ordeal). 2 a an arrangement or facility at a bank or building society etc. for commercial or financial transactions, esp. for depositing and withdrawing money (opened an account). b the assets credited by such an arrangement (has a large account; paid the money into her account). c an arrangement at a shop for buying goods on credit (has an account at the newsagent's). 3 a (often in pl.) a record or statement of money, goods, or services received or expended, with the balance (firms must keep detailed accounts). b (in pl.) the practice of accounting or reckoning (is good at accounts). 4 a statement of the administration of money in trust (demand an account). 5 the period during which transactions take place on a stock exchange; the period from one account day to the next. 6 counting, reckoning. (foll. by to be or compl.) consider, regard as (account it a misfortune; account him wise; account him to be guilty). øaccount day a day of periodic settlement of stock exchange accounts. account for 1 serve as or provide an explanation or reason for (that accounts for their misbehaviour). 2 a give a reckoning of or answer for (money etc. entrusted). b answer for (one's conduct). 3 succeed in killing, destroying, disposing of, or defeating. 4 supply or make up a specified amount or proportion of (rent accounts for 50% of expenditure). account rendered a bill which has been sent but is not yet paid. by all accounts in everyone's opinion. call to account require an explanation from (a person). give a good (or bad) account of oneself make a favourable (or unfavourable) impression; be successful (or unsuccessful). keep account of keep a record of; follow closely. leave out of account fail or decline to consider. money of account denominations of money used in reckoning, but not current as coins. of no account unimportant. of some account important. on account 1 (of goods) to be paid for later. 2 (of money) in part payment. on account of because of. on no account under no circumstances; certainly not. on one's own account for one's own purposes; at one's own risk. settle (or square) accounts with 1 receive or pay money etc. owed to. 2 have revenge on. take account of (or take into account) consider along with other factors (took their age into account). turn to account (or good account) turn to one's advantage. [ME f. OF acont, aconter (as AC-, conter COUNT(1))]

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