Meaning of ACCOUNT in English

v. 1 account for. explain, give a reason for, give or render a reckoning for, answer for, justify, reckon for The treasurer has been able to account for every penny of expense His desire to conceal his background accounts for his secrecy.

n. 2 calculation, accounting, reckoning, computation, (financial) statement; enumeration The accounts show that the company has ample funds in reserve Williams hasn't submitted his expense account for the trip. 3 interest, profit, advantage, benefit, favour; sake Nigel turned his convalescence to good account by writing a best seller Don't read the book on my account. 4 explanation, statement, description, report, recital, narrative, history, chronicle The defendant gave a credible account of his whereabouts at the time of the crime 5 consideration, use, worth, importance, consequence, note, value, merit; standing, significance, estimation, esteem The committee decided that length of service is of some account in determining retirement pensions 6 story, narration, narrative, report, tale, relation, description Alice's account of the rabbit wearing a waistcoat is unbelievable 7 take into account or take account of. notice, take note of, consider, take into consideration, allow for In passing sentence, the judge took into account the child's poverty and the fact that it was Christmas time

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