Meaning of MANNER in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈmænə ]

n. 1 a way a thing is done or happens (always dresses in that manner). 2 (in pl.) a social behaviour (it is bad manners to stare). b polite or well-bred behaviour (he has no manners). c modes of life; conditions of society. 3 a person's outward bearing, way of speaking, etc. (has an imperious manner). 4 a a style in literature, art, etc. (in the manner of Rembrandt). b = MANNERISM 2a. 5 archaic a kind or sort (what manner of man is he?). øall manner of many different kinds of. comedy of manners satirical portrayal of social behaviour, esp. of the upper classes. in a manner of speaking in some sense; to some extent; so to speak. manner of means see MEANS. to the manner born 1 colloq. naturally at ease in a specified job, situation, etc. 2 destined by birth to follow a custom or way of life (Shakesp. Hamlet I. iv. 17). øømannerless adj. (in sense 2b of n.). [ME f. AF manere, OF maniere ult. f. L manuarius of the hand (manus)]

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