Meaning of MANNER in English




a haphazard way/manner/fashion

I continued my studies in a rather haphazard way.

a relaxed attitude/manner/style etc

She has a fairly relaxed approach to housework.

bedside manner

cheerful voice/smile/manner etc

‘I’m Robyn,’ she said with a cheerful smile.

It does me good to see a cheerful face.

comedy of manners

confident smile/voice/manner etc

He began to read in a calm confident voice.

detached way/manner

She described what had happened in a cold and detached manner.

diffident manner/smile/voice etc

forthright manner

She answered in her usual forthright manner .

impeccable manners

She has taught her children impeccable manners .

in a timely manner/fashion (= as quickly as is reasonable in a particular situation )

We aim to settle all valid claims in a timely manner.

in such a way/manner that/as to do sth

He lectured in such a way that many in the audience found him impossible to understand.

laid-back attitude/manner/approach etc

He is famed for his laid-back attitude.

sarcastic manner/smile/laugh etc

‘I thought so,’ she said with a sarcastic smile.

table manners

Their children have very good table manners.




A tongue in cheek reminder to some one whose cheeks were bulging with bad manners .

They were tolerating that redhead well enough in spite of his sullen bad manners .

Loving does not cancel out such bad manners or excuse them, and she would not think so either ....

Despite bad moods and worse manners , the car could always be tamed by appreciation, patience and just enough rein.

It would be the height of bad manners , and I know you aren't that sort of person.

They knew better than to insult their hosts by open mention of this superiority; such bad manners would disgrace the clan.

This is my son and I apologise for his bad manners .

It's thought bad manners not to offer a visitor a night of passion after tramping round the icy far north.


His light-hearted and friendly manner enabled him to put over a very strong sales pitch without a hint of strain.

They divorced in an amiable and friendly manner .

The calm, friendly manner of Mr Major and his ministers has impressed their colleagues.

He had the same bland good looks, the same friendly if formal manner and the same knack for courteous evasion.

For example, if I perceive you to be friendly , then I am likely to act in a friendly manner towards you.

The expert system can do all the mundane operations and still interface with the user in a most friendly manner .

We could go about it in a friendly manner then - like people who have just met.

Cyril saw Ellen coming and began to scratch his forearm in a friendly manner .


Be on time and timely - it's good manners .

So they argue about protocol and diplomatic good manners instead.

Etiquette and good manners are not a middle-class pastime or an optional extra for nice people.

Well, Uncle Sammler, you have good manners .

And it was hard to reconcile his soft-spoken good manners with the ruthless determination of his business career.

The L-4, even with automatic, provides more than adequate acceleration and is possessed of good road manners .

But Max's kindness and good manners defeated my purpose totally.

At a basic level it is necessary to foster an approach which emphasises responsibility, good manners and good working habits.


He had impeccable manners that somehow always reminded you of an older, bygone age.

Valda and Varvara adore officers, their impeccable manners , their formal bearing, their white uniforms.

Richard was tall for his age and personable, with impeccable manners and a strong sense of occasion.

His parents were keen on the work ethic and equipped him with impeccable manners .


Candidates are advised to make application to the University in the normal manner for places on approved courses.

This is then processed in the normal manner .

Any model struck by a cannon ball takes a strength 10 hit resolved in the normal manner .

Specific redundancies will be discussed with the unions in the normal manner .

The target may make the usual response just as if it had been charged in the normal manner .

He may cast spells in the normal manner as described in Warhammer Battle Magic.

Other items may be chosen from the magic items in Warhammer Battle Magic in the normal manner .

This moderates in time, after which the fish swims in a normal manner .


Insular Is it because they seem to package their major sporting events in a more professional manner ?

Naturally no professionals and professional bodies have full freedom to act in what they believe is a professional manner on all occasions.

In all cases, advice must be given in an objective, balanced and professional manner .

It is important that every aspect of the exhibition is covered in a thoroughly professional manner .


In a similar manner to many real-life problems, there is no absolute statement of quality.

Sensitization scenes using realistic fears of the results of excessive drinking are constructed in a similar manner .

We would all act on the assumption that others were acting in a similar manner .

The covariance between the returns of two different securities may be estimated in a similar manner: .

It is possible that Oct- 11 is activated in a similar manner in this cell line.

Payment of Consulting Engineers fees should be dealt with in a similar manner to Adjusters fees.

It is necessary to organise the compounds in such a way that they are treated in a similar manner to individual words.

The mortar joint is attacked in a similar manner , remembering to always point the chisel inward, never out.


Actual repayment in a regular, timely manner .

Miller resigned abruptly after Hallinan publicly criticized her for failing to report the incident to him in a timely manner .


His discomfort was extreme and obvious, but he did his best to ignore the pain in his usual stoic manner .

This can be done quickly in the following manner: Test the corneal reflexes and facial sensation in the usual manner.

These were fed into the system in the usual manner to create the required data base.

The first two landed in the usual manner .

Ben had stood up, facing it, and was staring at it in his usual intent manner .

Each field may then be edited in the usual manner .

But Jefferson just nodded, not in his usual jovial manner , and walked off with Brian Harley.

At one point, however, her usual calm manner deserted her.



Are they conventional rules that we learn as we learn, say, table manners ?

Good table manners , I submit, are largely overrated.

Their table manners perfectly reflect the slovenly appearance.

We had breakfast and the girls immaculately executed the table manner lessons.

Perdita thought, to take an example at random, that things like table manners were a stupid and repressive idea.

The Independent On Sunday, for example, found Coleridge's fine table manners hugely amusing.

Since dress, gait and table manners instantly distinguish social rank, all over the world, why not speech as well?



In reality variable costs do not behave strictly in this manner .

I should not have lost my cool and behaved in that manner .

Now why exactly are you behaving in this extraordinary manner ?

It was unthinkable that two vibrancers could behave in such a manner .

Rationality According to classical criminology we mostly behave in a rational manner .

A Newtonian dashpot also behaves in a predictable manner .

Approved modules do not behave in this manner with respect to inheritance.

If they behave in a manner that deserves punishment, they are punished.


For all men are eggs, in a manner of speaking .

In a manner of speaking , of course.

Well, in a manner of speaking .

McGurk: In a manner of speaking , sir, no.

And he is faithful to her in a manner of speaking .

The stolen flowers had been, in a manner of speaking , restored.

There was something spontaneous and lively in his manner of speaking that made whatever he was saying sound even better.


assume a manner/air/expression etc

No wonder the technique assumed an air of planet-wide importance.

Oliver assumed an expression of extreme penitence.

The only thing she could do was to assume an air of indifference.

mind your manners/language/p's and q's


a young man with a slightly shy, awkward manner

She has a very pleasant manner .

She impressed everyone with her businesslike manner .

The doctor had a relaxed and friendly manner .

The driver's manner was very unfriendly.


Being a dedicated tough cookie, he has delivered the goods in impressive manner .

If the state acts in a manner not designed to promote social solidarity then, Duguit argued, this must be resisted.

In what manner the ensuing sacrifice and suffering benefits the protagonists is never satisfactorily explained.

Sarah frowned at the ardent manner of her sister but slowly followed her into the society.

The manner is laconic yet earnest.

There was something spontaneous and lively in his manner of speaking that made whatever he was saying sound even better.

What they are now doing is compromising, in this half-baked manner , by raising the ante to 70.

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